IMPACT PLUS – Strategy for Corrosion Management - Virtual

Strategy for Corrosion Management - Virtual

IMPACT PLUS – Strategy for Corrosion Management - Virtual

IMPACT PLUS – Strategy for Corrosion Management gives you a foundation to guide your company on the path to stronger corrosion management practices. This course serves as an introduction to the basics of implementing a Corrosion Management Strategy (CMS) into an organization to manage assets and prevent corrosion-related failures. Learn about the NACE Institute’s IMPACT PLUS program that provides a standardized CMS framework designed to be easily tailored to any industry sector. Incorporating a CMS gives organizations the tools to create consistent processes and operating procedures so employees from the top down can respond holistically and effectively when faced with corrosion-related incidents.

This course outlines how equipping employees across the organization with a process for fighting corrosion can prolong the lifecycle of critical assets by creating a consistent process and operating procedure. Students will be introduced to corrosion management, the cost of corrosion, corrosion failures, and how using IMPACT PLUS can empower organizations and their employees to consider the effects of corrosion within their business unit.

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Who should attend

  • Engineers with bachelor’s degrees plus 3+ work experience, and/or post-graduate degrees
  • Asset owners
  • C-suite executives
  • Senior level managers
  • Corrosion management consultants
  • Asset management strategists
  • IMPACT Plus licensees

Learning objectives

  • Explain the key benefits of IMPACT PLUS
  • Summarize the critical findings from the IMPACT Study
  • Explain the use of a Corrosion Management System (CMS) within an organization
  • Identify the five levels of the CMS Pyramid
  • Summarize how a CMS benefits businesses and the environment through sustainability
  • Apply the Corrosion Management Maturity Model (CMMM) to your organization
  • Describe how organizations can use the CMMM to extend the lifecycle of their assets and ensure consistency throughout their organization


No prerequisites or previous NACE course history required.


A minimum of 5 years of business to business sales or consultant experience with large, international, matrixed organizations.

Course Completion

Successful completion of the course is required to earn a certificate of course completion. Requirements are specific to each course and may include a combination of attendance, daily assessments, activities, quizzes, or knowledge checks.

2 Hours
2 PDHs

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