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The Individual Membership level is designed for industry professionals who want to access expanding technology, gain a global network of more than 37,000 peers, and further the mission of the association: to protect people, assets, and the environment from the adverse effects of corrosion.

NACE members represent every major industry sector from oil and gas to maritime, from infrastructure to the military. Members are more than engineers, they are coatings professionals, technicians, inspectors, researchers, and academics. Let NACE membership take you through each step of your professional career by giving you discounts and access to industry-leading resources like our publications, conferences, training and education courses, and more.

NACE International is globally recognized as the premier authority for corrosion prevention and control solutions due to the contributions of our members. Explore the benefits of NACE membership. Join today.


$150 USD Annually

$290 USD Two-year membership

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You may qualify for a Student Membership or a Life and Senior Membership.

For any questions, please contact Customer Support or call call 1-800-797-6223 (U.S./Canada) or +1-281-228-6223 worldwide.


NACE Membership Savings


NACE has partnered with several companies to offer unique benefits to our members at discounted rates. These additional benefits are extended exclusively to NACE members.


Get discounted registration to industry and technology-specific conferences, seminars, and exhibits.


Receive a free subscription to Materials Performance and opt-in to receive free subscriptions to CoatingsPro and any of our industry-specific newsletters.


Enjoy reduced pricing on state-of-the-art training courses and NACE Institute recertification fees.


NACE Membership Knowledge


Your go-to destination for the latest in corrosion prevention and technology with more than 450 corrosion-related books, standards, and reports.


Take advantage of two complimentary downloads per year of NACE’s globally-recognized, industry or technology-specific standards.


Keep your library current when you use your member discount to purchase corrosion-related books written by industry thought leaders.


NACE Membership Recognition


Gain recognition when you take home a coveted NACE International’s Association Award that acknowledges leaders who have advanced the association through their dedication to the industry.


Volunteer for leadership opportunities within sections, technical committees, or administrative committees to develop your leadership skills and receive recognition among your peers.


Show your dedication to the industry and set yourself apart in your field by simply being a member of the global corrosion authority.