Share your Case Studies Work Experience with NACE

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Signup Deadline: 02-28-2021
Starts: 03-31-2021
Ends: 04-01-2021
Location: Online Opportunity


NACE International Institute (NII) is looking for individuals to provide case studies for possible use on NACE certification exams. NII would need the following information to be submitted along with any case studies:

    1. Description of the case study including the asset and corrosion issue or solution.
    2. Classification of specific subject area (CIP, CP, General Corrosion, Internal Corrosion, Other).
    3. Root cause of problem depicted and how it can be corrected (or if it is already correct,  why is it so).
    4. Rationale for solution and why it is most appropriate to prevent corrosion.
    5. Characteristics of the issue that make it different than something you see every day (rationale for why it would be good to use on an exam). Example of a case base:
      Example of a case base.  Volunteer_Opportunity_-_Share_case_studies2.png
    6. Include all necessary data, graphs, figure and design plans.
    7. Case studies must be original content and not shared else where.
    8. By submitting the case study you are agreeing to the Non-Disclosure agreement.
    9. All Cases studies must be anonymized in order to protect the confidentiality of clients/employers/asset owners.

 Requirements: The NACE International Institute is looking for individuals with a wide variety of job experience (from those who are fairly new in the industry, to tenured professionals) from a range of industries. Individuals should be willing to send high-quality, high-resolution photos of corrosion, solutions, equipment, environments and assets consistent with the program for which photos are being submitted. Also, applicants must complete and sign the attachments below. 

Individuals must be willing to let NACE International and NACE International Institute to use their scenarios, photos, videos, and/or any other information provided for purposes of developing certification exams. The photos will not be used strictly in the manner that they were submitted and will be used in conjunction with other materials such that the questions and content of the exam remain confidential and secure.

Volunteers Needed:

30 (30 open slots)




Theresa Collins