STG Mentors - Leaders Helping Leaders

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Starts: 05-21-2018


Mentors are the best way to shape our Committee Leadership of tomorrow. We want you to share your knowledge of NACE committees and your leadership skills to help our newest members feel excited about being involved in Committees and perhaps leading them. The Mentor role is open to all qualified individuals and will be assigned through a selection process. Once assigned, our expectation is that you will continue through at least one conference cycle (e.g. before C/2018 through end of C/2019).

Current NACE Member with at least 5 years of Committee Leadership and Membership experience.

The Mentor is expected to:
1. Meet with a group of new members of their designated STG during annual conference
2. Review the scope of existing STG/TEG Committees to determine interest areas
3. Review the available open committee leadership positions
4. Where relevant, attend the TCC Officer Training with the new member(s)
5. Report back to the STG leadership on any agreed new member recruitment.

Volunteers Needed:

28 (28 open slots)




Rick Southard