Offshore and green energy anti-corrosion coating and steel structure workshop

When:  May 9, 2019 from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM (CN)

With the rise of global energy issues, the energy policy proposed by the domestic government is also aimed at giving priority to the promotion of solar energy facilities such as offshore wind power and water/salt land. The current domestic solar energy deployment is expanding towards coastal/salt land/water environment. Offshore wind power construction has been carried out, but coastal/offshore green energy facilities will be exposed to various harsh environments, such as strong winds, ultraviolet radiation, temperature differences, rainwater, etc., especially offshore wind turbines, which can be expected for a long time. Due to the impact of moisture, salt spray and waves, complex Tribocorrosion corrosion problems occur. In addition to affecting safety of solar energy and wind turbine structure, how to ensure normal operation during the service life period is the basis for initial electricity price calculation. If the service life is shortened, it will seriously affect the stability of domestic green energy price. Therefore, high corrosion protection and surface treatment are Necessary procedures that are indispensable.


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