Corrosion Impacts in Renewables

Corrosion Technical Series

Corrosion Impacts in Renewable Energy


This one-day seminar focuses on a variety of renewables markets such as wind and solar energy and will identify corrosion management methodologies in these respective areas. Corrosion is a continuing and major issue in all fields of energy and particularly renewable energy. Newly engineered systems are designed for up to 30 years of service but exposure to environmental corrosion, UV, extreme temperatures and salt corrosion can challenge component durability. Excessive component failures can lead to high maintenance cost and overall under performance of energy output.

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Featured speakers

  • Paul Hillegeist, Quest Floating Wind Energy LLC
  • Roger Osborne, Offshore Advisors
  • Jim Britton, Deepwater Corrosion Services, Inc
  • Alex Delwiche, Deepwater Corrosion Services, Inc
  • Marshall Harkins, Marshall Henry Law PLLC
  • Darby Howard & JD Howard, III, JDH Corrosion Consultants, Inc.

Topics Include

A comprehensive market outlook on global offshore wind to include a broad-brushed perspective of forecast activity levels for this renewables segment including:

Global Offshore Wind Energy

  • most active developers and supply chain participants
  • a context for the type and size of projects (both Bottom-fixed and Floating units)
  • an assessment of regional activity and MW intensity
  • insight to pertinent leading indicators such as average rotor diameter, MW/unit, average water depth and average distance to shore
  • a review of important economic indicators such as CapEx/MW and LCoE and our projections for capital spending
  • forecast of key demand metrics per supply chain segment to include number of units, turbines, anchors, meters of mooring line length, km of array cable, and km of export cable, etc.

Solar Energy

  • emission prevention for valves & pumps
  • waste water treatment
  • high density polyethylene joint seal verification (HDPE)
  • carbon fiber wrap for sealing
  • modular solar energy storage

Who should attend

This seminar is targeted for managers, strategic leaders and technical experts within global offshore wind, solar, offshore and other renewable/alternative energy markets. This would include professionals associated with:

  • Operators
  • Asset Owners
  • Service Companies
  • Third party consulting companies
  • Research Companies
  • Engineering & Design Specialty Companies
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1 Day Course

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  • NACE Member: $425
  • Non-Member: $495