Coating Inspector

Coating Inspector Program

Coating Inspector Program

The comprehensive NACE CIP curriculum prepares students for the demanding role of a coating inspector, who serves as an integral member a coating project’s team.  CIP is the most recognized and specified coating inspector training and certification in the world.  Built upon decades of knowledge and experience by subject matter experts, CIP produces individuals ready to embark upon a new career pathway as a Coating Inspector who is prepared for field work.

Combining classroom lecture with group exercises and hands-on practical labs, the structure of the course facilitates a cooperative learning environment that encourages peer collaboration and fosters a sense of community in the classroom. This unique approach leads students to build long lasting relationships with their instructor(s) and classmates that will benefit them throughout their career.

As the CIP program merges with the SSPC Protective Coatings Specialist (PCI) program we have taken the opportunity to collaborate with Inspectors and Manufacturers worldwide to create a best-in-class program.

Topics covered include the basics of corrosion control, surface preparation and coating application inspection, and project management.

Who Should Attend:

  • Specifiers
  • Applicators/painters
  • Inspectors
  • Blasters
  • Manufacturers
  • Owner’s representatives
  • Technical salesmen 
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Fabricators
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Info about CIP and PCI

As we transition NACE and SSPC's programs to AMPP, we will keep you informed each step of the way. One decision made by the AMPP Transition Team related to inspectors is that, in the future, the CIP name (aka brand) will be used for the inspector program. This change will not happen immediately, because owners need time to adjust their specifications.

At this time, that is the only decision related to inspector certification -- what the certification examinations look like in the future has not been decided, and neither has the merger of CIP and SSPC's PCI cardholder levels. Those decisions are expected in the first quarter of 2021. Decisions related to training classes are managed separately but are expected to align to the decisions of the Transition Team utilizing the go-forward name of CIP. The education team is working currently to consolidate CIP and PCI materials under the CIP name. Again, this is a process, and global changes will not occur simultaneously or immediately, but incremental changes have already started to occur within AMPP Education. Detailed information will be conveyed to all CIP and PCI cardholders, the public, and owner-specifiers, in the 2nd quarter of 2021. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ's page here or contact our First Service team here.

CIP Level 1

CIP Level 1 covers the technical and practical fundamentals of coating inspection work.

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CIP Level 1 Blended Program

Learn from home, or wherever you are, with the new CIP 1 Blended Program. Led by the same trusted CIP Certified NACE instructors, only virtually.

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CIP Level 2

CIP Level 2 focuses on advanced inspection techniques and specialized application methods for both steel and non-steel substrates, including concrete using both nondestructive and destructive techniques.

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CIP Level 2 Blended Program

NACE is now delivering a virtual alternative to CIP 2. Take the course anytime, anywhere.

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CIP Peer Review

The Coating Inspector Level 3 oral exam is designed to assess whether a candidate has the requisite knowledge and skills that a minimally qualified Level 3 Coating Inspector must possess.

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CIP Bridge eCourse

This course provides specialized training related to coating inspection of bridges.

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Marine Coating Technology

This course covers the fundamental issues that are specific to coatings in the marine industry.

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Marine Coating Technology - Virtual

This course covers the fundamental issues that are specific to coatings in the marine industry, only virtually.

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Math for the Coatings Professional eCourse

Choose between imperial and metric versions to brush up on critical math skills needed to succeed in the coatings industry.

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Nuclear Power Plant Training for Coating Inspectors

This course is designed specifically to train coating inspectors to conduct inspections in nuclear power plants (NPPs), and is also used as a primer to familiarize non CIP-certified personnel with NPP coating requirements.

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