NACE Store - SP0304-2016 (Formerly RP0304)
SP0304-2016  (Formerly RP0304)

SP0304-2016 (Formerly RP0304), Design, Installation, and Operation of Thermoplastic Liners for Oilfield Pipelines

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Revised in 2016! This NACE International standard practice defines the process necessary to design, install, and operate a thermoplastic-lined oilfield pipeline and provides a foundation for proper use of thermoplastic liners in cases where there is no established standard. It is not intended to replace existing national or corporate standards and requirements based on specific local experience. This standard is intended for use by liner installers, owners of lined pipelines and pipelines that might at some point need a liner, liner materials suppliers, and consultants, and engineering firms engaged in the subject field. The intent is that project specifications be developed based on this standard. The standard provides a common design basis consistent with best engineering practices. It is to the benefit of liner users and installers to have a standard for liner design, installation, and operation to help ensure that the installed product meets performance expectations. This standard represents minimum requirements and should not be interpreted as a restriction on the use of better procedures or materials. Key words: annulus, buckling, critical buckling pressure, hoop compression, hoop tension, NACE Publication 35101, oilfield pipelines, ovality, thermoplastic liners, thermoplastic polymer, TG 037
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  • Edition:   2016
  • ISBN:   1-57590-182-X
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