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NACE Store - SP0590-2015 Prevention, Detection & Correction of Deaerator Cracking
SP0590-2015 Prevention, Detection & Correction of Deaerator Cracking

NACE SP0590-2015 (formerly RP0590), "Prevention, Detection, and Correction of Deaerator Cracking”

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BESTSELLER! Addresses procedures for inspection of deaerator heater and water storage vessel welds, including reinspection criteria and qualification of personnel; factors influencing boiler feedwater deaerator cracking based on literature references and case history analyses; standardized nomenclature of deaerator vessel welds and cracking; guidelines for materials, design, fabrication, inspection, and acceptance criteria for new deaerator vessels and for repair of existing deaerator vessels; and operational and water chemistry parameters that may influence deaerator deterioration. Key words: deaerator cracking, design, fabrication, inspection, repairs.
  • Product Number:   21046
  • Edition:   2007
  • ISBN:   1-57590-0111-4
  • Pages:   22
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