• NACE equips society to protect people, assets and
    the environment from the adverse effects of corrosion.
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The only magazine published in Spanish and Portuguese dedicated to corrosion control, mechanical integrity of assets:

Upstream: Wells, flow lines and flow stations.
Midstream: Oil & gas processing plants, gathering and transmission lines.
Downstream: Refineries, tank farms and refined products pipelines.

Supported by:

NACE - National Association of Corrosion Engineers
PRCI  -  Pipeline Research Council 
ILTA   -  International Liquid Terminal Association
NCC   -  National Corrosion Center

The magazine will serve as a platform:

1. To help promote professionals, researchers, universities and businesses that work towards corrosion understanding and corroison prevention.

2. For technical information exchange among professionals/researchers and universities from Spanish/Portuguese speaking countries.

3. To make sure corrosion advances from these countries are known outside their borders.  The articles can be translated and promoted to other magazines and/or professionals organizations.

4. To publish best papers from the NACE - LATINCORR  congresses.

5. To promote products and new technologies developed in these countries, which help understand and control corrosion.

6. To enhance business relations among these countries and promote their businesses throughout the world.

7. Promote business development among Spanish/Portuguese speaking countries.

Our goal is to become the preferred source of  corrosion information for Spanish/Portuguese speaking countries.