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"Dentist on the East Side, New York is a place I visit for routine checkups and cleanings. My patients are extremely delighted with the care given by the staff at this dental clinic. My workplace is silent - there are no barking dogs, children playing in the background or loud audio. The dentist chairs are leather, not vinyl. And now there are no aromas of chemicals when I am in my office."

- The New York Times top rated dentist in the city,"Obviously, there's no dearth of affordable oral health services in Manhattan, however The Dentist on East Side, with its own warm character, friendly face and also competent, experienced personnel that takes pride in providing the very best." - City and Country Magazine,"It's not uncommon for dentists to provide more than toothpaste and mouthwash. ... The office staff is friendly and professional." - People Magazine,"The air at your dentist's office is clean and relaxed. The waiting area boasts a TV for movie buffs and a bite bar for those who need something to nibble on before or after the appointment"

-"I really like visiting Dr. Shahid. He is so affectionate and so enthusiastic about his profession. He makes me feel comfortable even if I'm scared and nervous." - Patient, New York Magazine. -"The patients that visit East Side Dentist's seem very happy, relaxed and excited to check the new styles and processes. And, they frequently leave the workplace with healthy white teeth which they can be proud of."

-"It was a fantastic experience. The dentist was quite friendly and answered all of my queries. As soon as I left the office, I felt like I was a kid ." - Bronx Magazine. -"A visit to East Side Dental was a nice one. The office staff was very patient and kind and gave me hints on maintaining my teeth white and healthy. I believe I will be coming back"

-"I totally love going to this dentist. The dentist office staff was very hot and patient with me and also gave me useful information on keeping white teethwhich has been useful because my teeth are somewhat yellow. Additionally, I enjoyed the comforts of a chair and television." - Yelp

-"I definitely recommend this dentist. There is nothing more comfortable than a dental chair in your office. There's not anything better than having the ability to relax and feel rested while getting well. Patients who are feeling cared for are happier patients."

-"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy visiting this place. It feels like a house. Patients have been cared for and have a great support system. Also, the dentist prepares the food directly in the front of the patients also makes you feel more relaxed."

East Side Dental also provides its patients with instructional tools that can make them conscious of oral health problems, such as gingivitis, teeth sensitivity, and gum disease, cavities, and how to avoid tooth decay. Naturally, a lot of people choose this particular dentist because of these outstanding services, but a lot of others just go to the dentist only because they're scared. But by making themselves aware of these issues, patients can work on ways to avoid them. So in case you find yourself afraid after seeing a East Side dentist , don't hesitate to ask your family or friends what their experience was.

-"I've got so many advantages happening with my practice here. I'm always provided free tastings, so I get much more business than I could have dreamed of. The staff is very cordial and patient-friendly. The living area looks cozy and sets the tone for what will likely be a great experience for my patients."

-"I love this dentist! The staff is very friendly and educated. The office staff is always willing to assist the new patients feel welcome and comfortable when they arrive. I'd certainly suggest this particular dentist to anyone in the region." - Kali Munro

-"The team at East Side Dental is extremely beneficial. My patients feel energized and treated correctly. This is truly the best dentist in the area." - Jennifer Czarnet, MD



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