Testimonials Needed – Share Your Training & Certification Experiences

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Starts: 08-01-2020
Location: Online Opportunity

Note:  All necessary volunteers are scheduled


NACE’s Marketing Department is looking for NACE-trained and/or certified individuals to provide testimonials about how NACE courses and certifications have shaped their careers. Testimonials will be used on print and digital advertisement campaign. The Marketing Department is specifically needing the following questions answered:


  1. What is your current job title?
  2. Who is your current employer?
  3. How long have you worked in the corrosion industry?
  4. Please list all NACE courses you have taken.
  5. Please list all NACE certifications, if any, you have attained.
  6. How did you hear about NACE, and why did you choose NACE for training and/or certification?
  7. How has NACE training and/or certification shaped your career?
  8. Explain how you use what you learned at NACE in your daily work.
  9. If you are NACE certified, explain:
    1. Why you chose to get certified through NACE
    2. Why being certified is important to you
    3. What certification means to your employer and your industry
  10. Is there anything you’d like to add?



Individuals must have taken at least one NACE course, but do not have to have a NACE certification. The Marketing Department is looking for individuals with a wide variety of job experience (from those who are fairly new in the industry, to tenured professionals) from a range of industries.

Individuals must be willing to send high-quality, high-resolution photos of themselves working at their job in the office or field. Individuals must also be willing to let NACE International and NACE International Institute to use their testimonials and photos for marketing and advertising purposes.

Note: Once signed up, please send an email to Elizabeth Valvano with your answers.

Volunteers Needed:

25 (0 open slots)




Elizabeth Valvano