Internal Corrosion Technologist - Item Writing/ Item Review - 2/10

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Signup Deadline: 02-03-2020
Starts: 02-10-2020
Ends: 02-12-2020


The NACE Institute is seeking Internal Corrosion Technologist certified individuals to serve as content contributors for a 3-day Item Writing / Item Review workshop. This activity is a step in the exam development process and ensures the questions are of high quality and appropriate for the exam. In this workshop, you will write new items and review existing items to help decide if they should be used on the exam. You will be trained in item writing best practice in order to write appropriate content that fits the body of knowledge, and then approve, reject, or suggest edits to the new items. We are looking for volunteers from all over the world with Internal Corrosion Technologist certification to ensure coverage of diverse regions, practice settings, experience levels, and other demographic characteristics of those working in the field. This workshop requires fluency in spoken and written English.

Must be able to speak and write in English

Must hold an Internal Corrosion Technologist Certification
Must have at least one year of Internal Corrosion Technologist experience

If you have any questions, please contact Theresa Collins at

Volunteers Needed:

16 (12 open slots)




Theresa Collins