Senior Internal Corrosion Technologist Workshop - Standard Setting 10/31/19

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Signup Deadline: 11-26-2019
Starts: 11-27-2019
Ends: 11-27-2019


The NACE Institute is in the process of reviewing the Senior Internal Corrosion Technologist certification exam. As part of this review, we are conducting a 2-day workshop to rate the difficulty of the exam. We are looking for volunteers from all over the world with Senior Internal Corrosion Technologist certification to ensure coverage of diverse regions, practice settings, experience levels, and other demographic characteristics of those working in the field.

NACE Institute will cover economy travel and expenses: 

  • Economy Airfare- flights under $600 do not require pre-approval. Flights over $600 require pre-approval. International flights over $1200.00 require pre-approval. *Flights will be reimbursed after the workshop.
  • NII will pay for a regular room at the NII predetermined hotel. Or reimburse up to $89 per night with receipt
  • Meals not covered by NII will be reimbursed up to $40.00 per meal with a receipt.
  • Uber, cab, parking, and rental car fees must accompany a receipt and are not to exceed $150 total without prior approval. This is based on the use of an uber, as it is the most economical choice.



  • Must have at least 1 year of Senior Internal Corrosion Technologist work experience
  • Must be Senior Internal Corrosion Technologist certified


  • Must be able to Speak /Read and Write English
  •  Must be able to participate 2 full days of meetings
  • Must be able to travel to Houston, Texas


Volunteers Needed:

15 (5 open slots)




Theresa Collins