Best Practices for Sponsors at Virtual Events

Best Practices for Sponsors at Virtual Events

Virtual sponsorships provide new areas of opportunity to build long lasting partnerships or re-engage with key clients. As a virtual sponsor, we have put together best practices and guidelines to kick start your presence at our virtual conference. Happy relationship building!

  • Set up your company profile page
  • Learn how to navigate our conference platform
  • Start planning on how to target your audience

Sponsor Resources

Sponsor Guide Visual Specifications

Before the Event

Define your strategy

  • What are your goals?
  • What are your attendee's needs?
  • Brainstorm with your team about what you want to achieve and how you will achieve it
    • Define your team's roles and responsibilities
      • Appoint a lead who will assign meetings as they come in
      • Create a schedule for who will manage the live chat- if more than one person

Pre-event marketing to drive awareness to your sponsor showcase

  • What options are there to promote your participation at the event with the event organization
    • Sponsored notification or email?
  • Use Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) to promote your participation to your audience- drive attendees to your company profile page (Company Showcase)
  • Can you use the event to launch a new product? If so, tease it in your messaging pre-show

Network before the show

  • Check out the attendees and try to network and setup meetings before the show starts

Design your company profile page space

  • Make your images and videos compelling
  • Use your brand colors, high quality images, and content that is engaging
  • Content for your company profile page
    • Prepare in advance and locate or create informative documents
    • Think about your target audience and the kind of content they would find valuable at this event
    • Make your information clear and concise

During the Event

Keep checking attendee list

  • Filter the attendee list by registration date so you know which attendees are new

Be active

  • Attend relevant sessions and be active in the live session chats- many times attendees ask questions that allow you and your team to show their industry expertise

After the Event

Check the data and analytics

  • Download team contacts and team meetings

Check with your event organizer on what data they will send after the show

  • Who came to your company profile page
  • Who bookmarked product or company profile page
  • Who downloaded a product and services documents and/or other assets

Follow up with leads after the event

  • Make sure you know how long the platform will be active after the conference. EAPA Virtual will be active until 12 November 2021
  • Check in for notifications on chats or connection requests
  • Set up follow up meetings or send information that may be helpful, depending on the conversation you had