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Student Resources

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Our mission at NACE is to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to protect people, assets and the environment from the adverse effects of corrosion. Our courses, which are created by industry, are intended to strengthen your technical skills and knowledge, putting you on the path to fulfilling the NACE mission and enhancing your career.


Our training facilities

To give students the proper skillsets and knowledge they need to succeed in the workplace, it’s important to have adequate training facilities where students can learn and practice on similar tools and equipment that they’ll use at their jobs.

That’s why, in addition to offering courses in more than 36 countries, NACE also has two dedicated Training Facilities — in Houston, Texas, USA, and Dubai, UAE.

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NACE Institute Certification

NACE International Institute (NII) Certifications, support businesses, promote public safety, protect the environment, and reduce the economic impact of corrosion. How? By testing and validating that an individual has the skills to succeed in the corrosion industry and perform in the field. NII Certifications are built upon decades of comprehensive knowledge from industry subject matter experts and are the most recognized and widely-accepted corrosion certifications in the world.

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