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Education and Certification for the Craftworker

Our hands-on training and practical certifications can help build your career and assist you in meeting the requirements of industry specification. AMPP education and certification has a path that will fit your career and the industry’s requirements.

What course topics do you offer?

Courses cover surface preparation, coating application, lead paint removal, onsite job safety, and more. Our courses are designed for:

  • Blasters
  • Painters
  • Inspectors
  • Engineers

Certified Coating Applicator

This certification is designed for experienced industrial coatings applicators. Those that achieve certification will have a formal, industry recognized certification demonstrating their skills and knowledge to customers and employers.

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Coating Applicator Examiner Qualification

Seasoned coatings professionals with experience in the application and inspection of industrial coatings can apply this knowledge as an examiner, ensuring coating applicator certification candidates possess the required skills to be successful in the field.

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Spray Application Certification (C12)

This program assesses the skills of sprayers who have experience applying protective coatings with airless/conventional spray in an industrial or marine environment.

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Abrasive Blaster Certification (C7)

C7 is designed for contractor personnel who wish to obtain certification, or others who wish to learn about blast cleaning of steel and nonferrous surfaces. It covers the principles of surface preparation, surface cleanliness, surface profile, dust and debris control, and abrasives.

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Lead Paint Removal (C3)

C3 contains specific discussions on protecting workers, compliance with environmental regulations, proper management of waste streams, operations that result in potential exposures to lead and other hazards, and associated control technology.

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Lead Paint Removal Refresher (C5)

This 1-day course provides a review of Competent Person duties and responsibilities in working with lead and other hazardous materials encountered in industrial coatings work. It also reviews relevant OSHA and EPA regulations.

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Industrial Coating Application (ICA) eCourse

This eCourse benchmarks best practices in safety, process control, surface preparation, coatings application, and inspection. It's a must-take, interactive course for anyone new to the coatings industry, as well as safety directors, contractors, foremen, supervisors, applicators, and inspectors.

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Additional Craftworker Courses

Math for the Coatings Professional eCourse
Here’s your digital crib sheet. Choose between imperial and metric versions (or do both!) to brush up on critical functions and calculations needed to succeed in the coatings industry.

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Basics of Steel Surface Preparation eCourse
This 90-minute course presents at a high-level the surface preparation process for steel with an overview of hand and power-tool cleaning, dry abrasive blasting, and waterjetting as well as the associated standards referenced when these methods are used to prepare steel for the application of protective coatings.

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Using SSPC-PA 2 Effectively
This 90-minute eCourse demonstrates how to complete the measurements described in the SSPC-PA 2 standard.

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