Digital Transformation

Corrosion Technical Series

Digital Transformation

October 12-13, 2021
9-11:30 a.m. CST each day
Virtual (Zoom)

This online Corrosion Technical Series (CTS) short course focuses on how companies can employ digitalization technology to streamline processes and business operations. The goal of digitalization is to automate and standardize tasks, classify the status of key assets, and evaluate risk factors (e.g. corrosion, degradation, etc.) in a consistent and repeatable manner so you can analyze trends and strengthen decision-making with reliable, actionable data. Shifting your business framework to a digital cloud allows teams and decision makers to access analytics and data related to the condition of assets, potential locations where corrosion could initiate based upon real-time information from inspection of similar equipment, vessels, etc. to enhance inspection coverage which will save both time and effort, inform decisions on risk and maintenance, reduce costs, and increase workforce productivity.

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What do we mean by digitalization or digital transformation? It’s how businesses convert processes over to digital technologies, instead of traditional offline systems like paper records.

Expert lecturers who have implemented digitalization in their existing frameworks will use personal experience and case studies to share best practices and discuss how to:

  • Utilize automation of day-to-day processes while building solutions for teams by role so you can encourage adoption from the ground up.
  • Get global offices and facilities online to access data from a variety of assets and environments creating improved decision making and risk mitigation.
  • Reduce time spent on reporting, inspection, and compliance while creating standardized, repeatable, and automated processes (e.g. see which coating was used on asset or quickly identify when to schedule an inspection).

Course highlights

  • Introduction to Digitalization and the Importance of Data Integrity
  • How Digitalization applies to your industry (coatings, petrochemical, maritime, and more).
  • Making a business case for digitalization implementation by highlighting data integrity for data-driven decision making, spec compliance, efficiency, cost savings, operational process automation and more.
  • Focus points when selecting a digitalization partner (e.g. the questions to ask, pricing structures, scalability, and API).

    Learning objectives

    • Identify how to ensure repeatable and trackable methods for new construction or maintenance of existing and aging assets.
    • Recognize that digitalization can produce BI-ready data that integrates into your Risk Based Inspection (RBI), asset management, accounting, and other existing platforms.
    • Describe how companies have used digital transformation to analyze previously unmeasurable metrics and trends relating to inspection, degradation/corrosion management.

    Who should attend

    This short course is targeted towards individuals in the infrastructure/bridge, defense, oil & gas, coatings, shipbuilding/repair, and any sector that would benefit from automating processes and creating accessible data to manage the creation and continued upkeep of key assets.

    • Project Mangers
    • Coatings Inspectors
    • Asset Owners
    • Engineers
    • Systems Manager/Technical Officers
    • Maintenance
    • OEM
    • Contractors
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    2 Day Course

    Program pricing

    Advance registration: $294 (ends Sept 7, 2021)

    Regular registration: $349