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High Temperature Coatings

High Temperature Coatings

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High Temperature Coatings demonstrates how to counteract the thermal effects of the rapid corrosion and degradation of exposed materials and equipment that can occur under high operating temperatures. This is the first true practical guide on the use of thermally protective coatings for high-temperature applications, including the latest developments in materials used for protective coatings. It covers the make-up and behavior of such materials under thermal stress and the methods used for applying them to specific types of substrates, as well as invaluable advice on inspection and repair of existing thermal coatings. 2007 by Elsevier, 7-1/4” x 10-1/4”, hardbound, 312 pages
  • Product Number:   38475
  • Author:   By Sudhangshu Bose
  • ISBN:   9780750682527
  • Pages:   299
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