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NACE Store - ASM Handbook Vol. 13C Corrosion: Environments and
ASM Handbook Vol. 13C Corrosion:  Environments and

ASM Handbook, Volume 13C, Corrosion: Environments and Industries

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Corrosion: Environments and Industries addresses how corrosion impacts specific segments of the world economy—by environment and by industrial sector. This volume provides you with answers to corrosion problems affecting your industry, and provides ways to address corrosion issues in the environments that your equipment experiences. Over 250 leading authorities in the field of corrosion have written or reviewed articles in this volume, which completes the three-volume update of the landmark 1987 Metals Handbook on corrosion. The companion works are ASM Handbook, Volume 13A, Corrosion: Fundamentals, Testing, and Protection, and ASM Handbook, Volume 13B, Corrosion: Materials. These three volumes together provide a powerful resource for understanding corrosion and lessening its direct and indirect costs. 2006 by ASM International, 9” x 11”, hardbound, 1,152 pages
  • Product Number:   38450
  • Author:   Edited by Stephen D. Cramer and Bernard S. Covino, Jr.
  • ISBN:   9780871707093
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