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Corrosion Management and Asset Tracking through Improved Airframe Contaminant Monitoring
Presenting Author:
Full Name: Jeff Demo
Parent Company: Luna Innovations
Location: Phoenix Convention Center
100 North 3rd St.
Presentation Time: 4/17/2018 @ 11:10 AM
Secondary Authors:
  • Name:Mark Kim
Corrosion Management and Asset Tracking through Improved Airframe Contaminant Monitoring

Environmental and chemical contaminant accumulation within airframes can result in corrosion, equipment damage, and reduced aircraft readiness.  Aircraft structures are composed of a wide range of contaminant and corrosion susceptible materials including aluminum, steel, and titanium alloys, as well as composites and specialty coatings.  Ingress of contaminants such as corrosive gasses and salts into the structure, occluded areas, and crevices can breakdown protective coatings and initiate localized corrosion.  Ultimately, this may compromise the functionality or structural integrity of the system, component, or airframe.  To better ascertain the presence of destructive contaminants, a contaminant detection system has been developed to identify and track the species and concentration of corrosive airframe contaminants.  The monitoring system includes point-of-maintenance corrosion management software (ICARR-3D) and data collection hardware created by development partner Mercer Engineering Research Center.  The contaminant detection monitoring system provides a solution for locating, identifying, and tracking airframe contamination and corrosion throughout the operational life of the aircraft.  Use of this technology allows for improved monitoring of individual aircraft contamination and corrosion as well as fleet-wide trend analyses and condition management.  By tracking environmental exposure, contaminants, and corrosivity within targeted areas of airframes and identifying both temporal and geographical patterns of exposure, maintainers can optimize maintenance costs and aircraft operations.

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