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Improving Pipeline Operations: Boosting Component Performance and Longevity with Nanolaminated Alloy
Presenting Author:
Full Name: Christina Lomasney
Parent Company:
Location: Vancouver Convention Centre
1055 Canada Place
Presentation Time: 3/7/2016 @ 1:05 PM
Secondary Authors:
Improving Pipeline Operations: Boosting Component Performance and Longevity with Nanolaminated Alloy

Attn: Benjamin Chang

Committee: STG 02/STG 03

Category: Oil and Gas Coating Technology Symposium

Sub-category: New pipeline coating materials

Submitted by: Modumetal

Presenter Name: Christina Lomasney, CEO of Modumetal

Extended Due Date: 5/9/15


Oil and gas pipelines are constantly exposed to corrosive elements that threaten asset longevity and productivity. Pipeline corrosion also leads to expensive repairs and operational downtime, both of which negatively impact companies’ bottom lines. Until now, the most common fixes to combat pipeline corrosion require a sacrifice to either performance or cost. On one hand, more corrosion-resistant pipelines coated with expensive materials like tungsten carbide can be installed at considerable cost. Alternatively, lower-performance coatings like hard chrome can be applied, with the understanding that more frequent replacements will be needed. What the industry needs is a third option that delivers high performance at a feasible price point.


Calling on data from her recently-published NACE paper, “Addressing Asset Corrosion Challenges: Increasing Asset Longevity With Nanolaminated Alloy Coatings,” as well as data from field tests with customers like Chevron, Conoco Philips and Hess, Modumetal CEO Christina Lomasney will illustrate how nanolaminated alloys achieve higher performance than traditional pipeline coatings at comparable or better costs. The presentation will include a data-rich comparison of nanolaminated alloy coating performance and cost with that of tungsten carbide and hard chrome coating alternatives.


This presentation will provide industry professionals with actionable insight into new materials science advancements that help businesses overcome corrosion issues at a fraction of the cost. Audience members will learn first-hand how the nanolamination process, which layers metals together in myriad combinations to achieve new levels of corrosion resistance, produces coatings that improve pipeline longevity and therefore also improve return on investment. 

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