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NACE SINOCORR International Corrosion Conference & Expo 2014
Posted on 5/8/2014

Organizer: NACE International   NACE Beijing China Section    NACE Shanghai China Section    

NACE SINOCORR International Corrosion Confernece & Expo 2014 will be held at Beijing International Convention Center on May 19-22, 2014. The event will include plenary lectures, technical symposia and workshops, NACE TCC Meetings, paper posters, NACE Bookstore, etc. Over 250 papers proceedings and over 210 presentations cover a wide range of technical areas and seek deep exchanges on corrosion related issues.

Time: May 19-22, 2014   Venue: Beijing International Convention Center ( Five minuties' walk)

We sincerely invite everyone in the corrosion society to join us in SINO·CORR 2014!For more details please visit www.sinocorr.org.


Posted on 7/10/2013

NACE East Asia and Pacific Rim Area Conference 2012 & NACE Corrosion Shanghai 2012 Conference & Expo was held successfully in Shanghai from 14th to 17th October, 2012. Hosted by the NACE EAP Area and NACE Shanghai China Section, the Conference has attracted more than 150 presentations, dozens of internationally famous corrosion scientist and experts and over 700 attendees from all over the world, including 663 delegates, 31 students and 9 staff members. The EXPO has attracted 61 exhibitors and drawn over 1000 trade visitors.
The Conference is an important NACE area event, NACE President Kevin Garrity, NACE Vice President Tushar Jhaveri, NACE Executive Director Bob Chalker, NACE EAP Area Director Samir Degan, NACE TCC Chairman Brian Saldanha and dozens of experts have been present. Several top Corrosion experts including Srjdan Nesic, Akio Ikeda, Roy Johnsen, Rolf Gubner, Mark Mucek have given keynote speeches on the plenary session. By the joint efforts of all committee members, experts and co-organizers, rich and wonderful contents have been arranged in this event, such as 10 plenary speeches on Oct. 15th, 8 symposia and 7 workshops for specific topics, 5 working meetings and 2 technical committee meetings, paper poster on Oct. 16th and 17th, together with the NACE Bookstore and NACE Shanghai Corrosion Expo 2012.
With years of development, the NACE Corrosion Shanghai Conference & Expo has thrived and become one of the biggest NACE events held outside the US.

Posted on 12/17/2012

SINO•CORR NACE China Annual Conference & Expo will be organized together by NACE International, NACE Shanghai China Section, NACE Beijing China Section, Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection, and Corrosion and Protection Center of USTB. It will also be co-organized by China Gas Association, MTI, Honeywelland Society of Coatings and Finishing of CIESC. SINO•CORR, as one of the three major NACE events in the East Asia and Pacific Rim Area - CORCON India and NACE EAP Conference, will become a wide platform to provide more opportunity to communicate and share with academic and technical achievements on corrosion control in the world. Furthermore, SINO•CORR will also devote to make a solid contribution to the technical development of the subject of corrosion in China, in the area as well as in the whole globe. The SINO•CORR will also focus on introducing internationally advanced corrosion control technologies to China and meanwhile promoting China’s top corrosion control products to the world.

SINO·CORR NACE China International Annual Conference & Expo 2014 will be held in Beijing on May 19th -22nd, 2014. The event will include plenary lectures, technical symposia and workshops, NACE TCC Meeting, paper posters and NACE bookstore, etc.

 We sincerely invite everyone in the corrosion society to join us in SINO•CORR 2014! Welcome to submit papers and presentations, become an exhibitor, co-organize or support our symposia or be a sponsor! For more details please visit: www.sinocorr.org

Conference Organizing Committee:

NACE Shanghai China Section

Tel: 0086-21-50124418



SINOCORR 2014 Announcement  (.pdf, 205 KB)
Post Event Report for NACE Corrosion Shanghai 2011
Posted on 12/31/2011

NACE Corrosion Shanghai 2011 Conference & Expo and International Marine Coatings Summit were held successfully in Shanghai from 12 to 14th October, 2011. Hosted by NACE Shanghai China Section, supported by NACE China Student Section and other organizations such as Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection, China Gas Association, the events have attracted around 460 attendees (80 attendees for IMCS; not including volunteers & organizers) from over 10 different countries and areas, about 100 presentations and 33 exhibitors for the conference and summit, covering areas of coating, pipeline and cathodic protection, corrosion control in oil and gas production, corrosion in refinery, AC/DC interference, NACE/ISO MR 0175, etc. More than 540 people have visited the exhibition hall. It is noteworthy that the TCC workshop on 12th drew an audience of over 100 and 3 technical groups (Anti-corrosion Coatings, Pipeline, Oil & Gas Production) have been formed. The NACE MR0175 Seminar, AC/DC Interference Seminar also drew tremendous interest from people of related industries.

Post event report  (.pdf, 2 MB)