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Technical Committees in Numeric Order

 Committee NumberName/Description
TEG 010X Gas Distribution Industry Corrosion Problems

Scope: To provide an informal discussion forum for representatives from gas distribution companies to have a free exchange of ideas on subjects and areas for technical symposium topics and committee work assigned for resolution and documentation.
TEG 016X Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Control Research Development

Scope: To investigate areas for research in cathodic protection and underground corrosion control.
TEG 022X Corrosion Control Coordinating Committee

Scope: To develop close coordination of NACE technical committees with the Underground Corrosion Control Coordinating Committees in the United States and elsewhere; to prepare a map or list designating areas in which committees are active and giving a contact person; to encourage the formation of coordinating committees in needed areas.
TEG 024X DC and AC Transit Stray Current Problems

Scope: Discuss DC and AC transit stray current issues.
TEG 043X Reinforced Concrete: Cathodic Protection

Scope: To study and disseminate information concerning cathodic protection of reinforcing steel in concrete.
TEG 053X Reinforced Concrete: Design, Evaluation, and Remediation

Scope: To study and disseminate information concerning proper design of steel-reinforced concrete structures, the evaluation of those structures, and their remediation.
TEG 059X Oil and Gas Production, CO2 Corrosion: Information Exchange

Scope: To collect, evaluate, and disseminate information from all sources of CO2 corrosion in the oil and gas industry, including the use of CO2 for enhanced recovery. To update user experience and state-of-the-art advances; to serve as a focal point in liaison with other technical committees.
TEG 064X Railcar Surface Preparation

Scope: To keep abreast of industry changes and techniques and report findings annually.
TEG 077X Oil and Gas Production, Internal Erosion and Corrosion: Information Exchange

Scope: To identify the issues involved in the development of an internal erosion and corrosion monitoring program.
TEG 080X Well Casings, Corrosion Control: Information Exchange

Scope: Provide a forum for the discussion and dissemination of techniques for control of corrosion on oil, gas, and storage well casings.
TEG 080X TIE Technical Information Exchange for TEG 080X—Cathodic Protection of Well Casings

Scope: Exchange information about application of cathodic protection for external surfaces of steel well casings.
TEG 086X Insulation for Upstream and Downstream Oil and Gas Operations

Scope: To investigate progress in acoustic, thermal and cryogenic insulation systems used in oil and gas production.
TEG 091X INACTIVE Incineration, Combustion/Gasification of Waste Fuels, Biomass Gasification, and Associated Air Pollution Control Systems

Scope: INACTIVE To provide a forum for exchange and dissemination of information on the performance of materials in incineration facilities for municipal, industrial, and hazardous wastes, and in combustion/gasification facilities for low-grade and biomass-derived fuels. Scope encompasses associated energy recovery and air pollution control scrubbing systems.
TEG 092X Underdeposit Corrosion

Scope: To serve as an information exchange between technologists and corrosion specialists with regard to corrosion that develops beneath deposits.
TEG 093X Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs)

Scope: To study and disseminate information about new chemicals, products, and applications of vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCIs).
TEG 094X State-of-the-Art Research on Corrosion Inhibitors

Scope: To review state-of-the-art corrosion inhibitor research with respect to mechanisms, modeling, and development.
TEG 095X Inhibitors, High-Temperature

Scope: To study and develop the requirements of corrosion inhibitors in applications where ultra-high temperatures are the normal working environment.
TEG 097X Electrochemical Measurements

Scope: To exchange and disseminate information on problems and limitations in the generation and interpretation of electrochemical data.
TEG 098X Acoustic Emission Testing and Measurement

Scope: To exchange and disseminate information on acoustic emission technology for corrosion measurement and detection.
TEG 100X Sensors: Corrosion and Corrosiveness Sensor Technology

Scope: To collect and disseminate information on new developments in the area of sensors for the measurement of corrosion and corrosiveness.
TEG 108X Hydrogen Permeation Technology—Online

Scope: To provide a forum for the exchange and dissemination of information on the correlation of measurements of hydrogen permeation with its causes, such as corrosion, and effects, such as hydrogen cracking, via symposia and information exchange.
TEG 113X Gas Treating Control Systems Corrosion Minimization

Scope: To provide a forum for the exchange and dissemination of information on corrosion in gas treating units of oil and gas production and refining via information exchange and symposia.
TEG 114X Stainless Steels, Duplex and Ferritic: Application

Scope: Share experiences on the use of ferritic and duplex stainless steels as related to corrosion resistance, weldability, and availability.
TEG 115X Sulfuric Acid—Material and Experiences

Scope: Exchange of experiences on the use of materials for sulfuric acids.
TEG 116X Stainless Steels: Austenitic and Nickel Alloys

Scope: Exchange of experiences on the use of austenitic alloys as related to properties, fabrication, and application.
TEG 118X Failure Prevention Case Histories

Scope: To discuss and disseminate information about unusual failures of equipment and materials across industries.
TEG 119X Hydrofluoric Acid: Materials for Receiving, Handling, and Storing

Scope: Exchange of experience on receiving, handling, and storage of hydrogen fluoride and hydrofluoric acid.
TEG 120X Metals: Reactive

Scope: Exchange of experiences on the use of reactive metals as related to properties, fabrication, and application.
TEG 121X Supercritical and Other High-Temperature/High-Pressure Liquid Environments: Corrosion of Materials

Scope: To identify processes and process environments in which high-temperature, high-pressure liquid solutions are present and cause corrosion. To encourage communication of typical corrosion problems and solutions through symposia and informal information exchange sessions.
TEG 123X Materials, Advanced, for High-Temperature Service in the CPI

Scope: Exchange, collect, and disseminate information on intermetallic aluminides and silicides, oxide dispersion-strengthened (ODS) alloys, ceramic composites, refractories, and thermal-spray coatings.
TEG 126X Materials, High-Temperature: Current Issues

Scope: To exchange and disseminate information on materials uses in high-temperature environments, including repair techniques for metals after high-temperature exposure, nondestructive inspection methods, and life assessment techniques. A particular focus is on equipment associated with thermal pyrolysis and reformer processes.
TEG 128X Metal Dusting and Associated Phenomena: Effects on Materials Performance

Scope: Provide a forum for the exchange of information and experiences regarding metal-dusting phenomena.
TEG 132X Corrosion Management of Aboveground Storage Tanks

Scope: To cover issues related to corrosion management of all structural components of ASTs. Issues will include design practices, life-cycle assessment, corrosion monitoring and corrosion mitigation techniques such as internal linings, external coatings, undertank CP, internal CP, VpCl, seal systems, sand quality and others.
TEG 145X Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors and Rust Preventives for Interim (Temporary) Corrosion Protection: Advances and Novel Applications

Scope: To conduct a symposium based on NACE SP0487 (formerly RP0487).
TEG 149X Biocide Application/Misapplication

Scope: To identify key factors and promote appropriate techniques for application of biocides to both open and closed cooling water systems.
TEG 150X INACTIVE Chlorine Replacement, Gaseous

Scope: INACTIVE To collect, review, and disseminate information useful for evaluating and implementing biocide alternatives to gaseous chlorine in cooling water systems.
TEG 159X Building Fire Protection Systems: Corrosion and Deposit Control

Scope: To collect, develop, and disseminate information on the control and remediation of corrosion, deposition, and microbiological activity in building fire protection systems.
TEG 163X Boiler Waterside Failure Analysis

Scope: To identify, classify, and suggest remedies for common and uncommon failures occurring in boilers. The boiler proper with its steam-generating equipment, superheater, and economizer fall within the scope. It is the intent of the committee to solicit from knowledgeable and interested parties a listing of failure types (if identifiable) with an indication of frequency or ranking relative to unscheduled outage downtime. In addition, problem/solution-type examples of the more frequent/important failures are sought, hopefully to seed symposia, panel discussions, and/or publications.
TEG 164X INACTIVE Steam-Generation Corrosion Monitoring Techniques

Scope: INACTIVE To collect, investigate, and disseminate information on methods and equipment utilized for monitoring the operation, water chemistry, fuel side, and physical integrity of steam-generating systems.
TEG 166X Cathodic Protection in Seawater—Discussion of Current Topics

Scope: To sponsor a forum for discussion and make mini-presentations on cathodic protection in seawater. This will include but not be restricted to cathodic protection design and monitoring in seawater.
TEG 179X Cathodic Protection

Scope: To provide the cathodic protection technology necessary for engineering solutions to underground corrosion problems.
TEG 181X Marine Vessel Corrosion

Scope: To study the causes, effects, and remedies of corrosion in various marine vessels.
TEG 182X Geothermal System Corrosion

Scope: Sponsor information exchanges and symposia on corrosion in geothermal systems.
TEG 183X Combustion and Conversion of Fossil and Alternative Fuels

Scope: Discussion of corrosion and materials technology in combustion and conversion (gasification) of solid fossil fuels, biomass, and waste fuels for power generation and production of clean fuels.
TEG 184X Inhibitors, Corrosion and Scale/Deposit

Scope: Study the application of corrosion inhibitors and/or scale/deposit inhibitors and their mechanisms of inhibition and disseminate information about such inhibitors and their use.
TEG 185X Economics of Corrosion

Scope: To hold a series of workshops/symposia aimed at providing case studies, "war stories," and examples of how different industries have utilized corrosion life-cycle management to reduce overall costs and to explore alternate management methods (e.g., material selection, cathodic protection, inhibitors) that can be utilized.
TEG 186X Environmentally Assisted Cracking

Scope: The assessment and dissemination of existing information and the promotion of new studies to minimize, circumvent, or solve environmental cracking problems.
TEG 187X Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion

Scope: Exchange of information as to mechanisms, case histories, and information related to microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC).
TEG 188X Cleaning: Chemical and Mechanical Cleaning

Scope: Disseminate technology relative to the use of chemical and mechanical cleaning of plant equipment.
TEG 189X Atmospheric Corrosion

Scope: To collect, correlate, and disseminate information concerning the development of more effective means of dealing with the problems caused by atmospheric corrosion of metals and to provide a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in atmospheric corrosion.
TEG 191X Corrosion Solutions for the Chemical Process Industry with Polymer Based Materials

Scope: Sponsor symposium at annual conference on managing corrosion with polymer-based materials such as FRP, thermoplastic materials, elastomers, and other composite materials of construction.
TEG 192X Coating Industry Problems Confronting Owners and Contractors

Scope: To provide a format for handling problems and issues that affect the owner and contractor utilizing coatings. Problems and issues may include hazardous waste, volatile organic compounds, applicator training, federal and state regulations, and others that may develop.
TEG 194X INACTIVE Aqueous Discharge Minimization

Scope: INACTIVE To facilitate the identification, understanding, and dissemination of all aspects of plant aqueous effluent reuse for recycle of effluent into the plant process or minimization of plant discharges and investigate the impact on current scale and corrosion technology.
TEG 197X Cathodic Protection: Pipe-Type Cable

Scope: To investigate the various methods of protecting pipe-type cables against corrosion and issue recommendations for the protective systems.
TEG 201X Oil and Gas Production, Corrosion Prediction: Information Exchange

Scope: To develop a coherent approach to predicting corrosiveness of oilfield environments, to provide a forum for the discussion of these predictive methods, and to exchange information on this subject.
TEG 202X Flow Assurance in Oil and Gas Production: Information Exchange

Scope: 1. Exchange information and technology on produced and injection fluid issues during conventional and unconventional production including deepwater. Issues include mineral scaling, corrosion, gas hydrates, and wax and asphaltene deposits. 2. Sponsor symposia and other formal technical information exchange functions.
TEG 205X Refining Industry Information Exchange

Scope: Sponsor group for refining symposium and refining information exchange.
TEG 206X Refining State-of-the-Art Session

Scope: Sponsor state-of-the-art sessions on refining industry corrosion.
TEG 207X Refining and Gas Processing Session on New Developments

Scope: Provide a forum for discussion of new corrosion mitigation or measurement technology developments and joint industry research projects of possible interest to the refining and gas processing industries.
TEG 208X Pipeline Crossings: Steel-Cased, Thrust-Bored, and HDD

Scope: Discussions and informal presentations about road, railroad, river, wetland, etc., crossings by directional drilling, thrust boring, casing, and HDD-type pipeline crossings, etc. Techniques, cathodic protection, coatings, etc., are included.
TEG 213X Flow Corrosion in Oil and Gas Production

Scope: Provide a forum for technology and knowledge exchange and dissemination for flow effects on corrosion.
TEG 224X Nuclear System Corrosion

Scope: Exchange information on corrosion issues, including corrosion control, in nuclear plants.
TEG 230X FGD Pollution Control Industries Corrosion Control

Scope: Arrange symposia and informal technical exchanges.
TEG 232X Pulp and Paper Industry Corrosion Issues

Scope: Organize technical symposia related to corrosion and materials issues in the pulp and paper industry.
TEG 239X Nonmetallic Materials of Construction: Expert Panel Discussion

Scope: Presentations on basics of polymer-based materials such as FRP, elastomers, thermoplastics, and other composite materials.
TEG 243X INACTIVE Lay-Up/Start-Up of Steam Generating Systems

Scope: INACTIVE To exchange information on lay-up/start-up of steam-generating systems for reduction of corrosion and extension of equipment life.
TEG 253X Oil and Gas Production, Corrosion Inhibitors—Laboratory Evaluations: Information Exchange

Scope: Discussion of issues and testing methods related to evaluation of inhibitors in the oil and gas industry.
TEG 255X Coatings, Thermal-Spray for Corrosion Protection

Scope: Exchange of information regarding thermal-spray coatings (TSCs) used for corrosion protection.
TEG 262X Interference Problems

Scope: Discussions and informal presentations about interference problems, pipeline, railroads, light rail, pipe, and other structural interference.
TEG 267X Pipelines: In-Line Inspection

Scope: To provide a discussion forum for pipeline operator representatives, suppliers of pipeline in-line inspection services, and other interested parties to exchange information and ideas; and to sponsor technical symposia for the exchange of ideas and information in areas of pipeline integrity assessment and assurance.
TEG 270X Reformer Components: Materials Issues

Scope: Exchange and disseminate information on high-temperature materials performance, degradation, and life assessment of reformer components.
TEG 282X Oil and Gas Production, Sour Corrosion: Information Exchange

Scope: To promote technical information exchange on corrosion-related topics that stem from the presence of H2S and other sulfur-containing substances in oil and gas production operations.
TEG 286X Oil & gas end-user experience with molecular microbiological methods (MMM) and problem solving

Scope: To sponsor a biennial symposium on "Control of Problematic Micro-Organisms in Oil and Gas Field Operations."
TEG 291X Land Transportation: Information Exchange on Corrosion and Coating-Related Issues

Scope: Technical information exchange in conjunction with an STG meeting.
TEG 292X Direct Assessment Methodology Application

Scope: Discuss direct assessment experiences, issues, and concerns for external corrosion direct assessment (ECDA), internal corrosion direct assessment (ICDA), and stress corrosion cracking direct assessment (SCCDA). Document issues and submit to respective committees.
TEG 310X INACTIVE Stress-Oriented Hydrogen-Induced Cracking (SOHIC)

Scope: INACTIVE To exchange information relating to the characterization of resistance of steel to SOHIC.
TEG 311X Threaded Fasteners: Coatings and Methods of Protection for Threaded Fasteners Used with Structural Steel, Piping, and Equipment

Scope: Share information concerning, and discuss effective methods for, corrosion control of fasteners used with structural, piping, and equipment connections.
TEG 314X Pipelines: Liquid Petroleum Industry Corrosion Control Issues Forum

Scope: Discussion of current topics related to corrosion control issues concerning the liquid petroleum pipeline industry.
TEG 316X Multielectrode Systems: Corrosion Monitoring and Electrochemical Studies

Scope: Exchange information on multielectrode systems for corrosion monitoring and electrochemical studies.
TEG 319X Elastomers and Other Nonmetallics for Oilfield Sealing Service

Scope: To exchange information and present new technology on elastomers and nonmetallics used for oilfield sealing service.
TEG 321X INACTIVE Corrosion Probes for Soil and Concrete

Scope: INACTIVE Conduct information exchange meetings on corrosion probes for soil and concrete.
TEG 331X Biomedical Implant Device Corrosion

Scope: Provide a forum for information exchange concerning the science and technology of corrosion of biomedical implant devices.
TEG 338X Cathodic Protection Monitoring: Use of Coupons

Scope: Discuss technology improvements in the area of using coupons for cathodic protection monitoring and collecting suggestions for improving new standards on this subject.
TEG 341X Oil and Gas Production, Oil Sands: Information Exchange

Scope: To discuss unique corrosion and erosion issues associated with oil sands production (mining operations and steam-assisted gravity drainage [SAGD] operations).
TEG 346X Offshore Coatings: Laboratory Testing Criteria

Scope: Review and critique laboratory testing methods designed to predict performance in an offshore environment. Assess test variables and gather data needed to improve industry standard techniques.
TEG 351X Advances in Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Technologies

Scope: Discussion of the development of a recommended test procedure for qualification of Corrosion coatings used under insulation service.
TEG 354X Pipeline Coatings: Underground Blistering

Scope: Discuss blistering of underground pipeline coatings, causes of blistering, and prevention methods.
TEG 363X Close-Interval Surveys and CP Surveys

Scope: Discuss experiences, issues, and concerns for close-interval survey and other CP surveys such as side-drain surveys and cell-to-cell hotspot surveys. Document issues and submit to respective committees.
TEG 368X Electric Utility Transmission and Distribution Corrosion and Grounding: Discussion of Issues

Scope: Joint NACE/IEEE committee to provide an open forum for electric utilities, consultants, and industry suppliers to discuss grounding and corrosion issues in electrical power and transmission and distribution systems.
TEG 374X Oil and Gas Production Materials Information Exchange

Scope: Plan and host information exchange meetings for materials in upstream oil and gas operations.
TEG 389X Cost of Water and Steam System Corrosion in the Chemical Processing and Petroleum Refining Industries

Scope: Hold open discussions to develop means to better define the cost of water and steam system-related corrosion in the chemical processing and petroleum refinery industries, and identify methods to disseminate this information.
TEG 391X Techniques for Monitoring Corrosion—Field Experience

Scope: To enable liaison and discussions between members of task group writing revision to NACE Publication 3T199 and field users.
TEG 397X Issues and Challenges with Hydrotesting Using Water and Long-Term Wet Storage of Pipelines and Equipment

Scope: To provide a forum for information sharing on hydrotesting and long-term wet storage.
TEG 398X Hydrochloric Acid and Chlorine: Materials and Experiences

Scope: Exchange of experiences on the use of materials for hydrochloric acid, chlorine, hypochlorite, chlorite, and chlorate.
TEG 399X Evaluation, Testing, and Specifying Coating Materials for Elevated Temperatures for Insulated and Uninsulated Service

Scope: Exchange information, create task group for state-of-the-art report, followed by formation of a task group to write a standard practice, and sponsor symposium.
TEG 407X Localized Corrosion

Scope: Mechanism of Localized Corrosion. This TEG will also focus on various ways to combat localized corrosion.
TEG 413X Black Powder in Gas Pipelines

Scope: Exchange information and experiences and share best practices on properties, composition, sources, and formation mechanisms of black powder; mitigation and control methods (inhibition, internal coatings, filtration, etc.); and sampling and analysis techniques, handling, and disposal of black powder in gas pipelines.
TEG 421X Elemental Sulfur Corrosion and Its Mitigation

Scope: To develop a fundamental understanding of elemental sulfur corrosion mechanisms; develop S-corrosion mitigation strategy; develop laboratory evaluation protocol; and develop field monitoring methods.
TEG 423X Nonvisible, Nonwater-Soluble Contaminants Affecting Corrosion Protection

Scope: Discuss the effects of coating performance when applied over nonvisible, nonwater-soluble contaminants and their effects on cathodic protection performance.
TEG 424X Liquid-Applied Thermal Insulative Coating for Atmospheric Service at 0 to 375 °F

Scope: To discuss issues of spray-applied insulative coatings for elevated-temperature exterior surfaces.
TEG 428X Hot-Dip Galvanizing for Steel Corrosion Protection

Scope: To discuss and furnish technical information on the process of hot-dip galvanizing and its use as a corrosion protection system for steel fabrications as well as the interaction of hot-dip galvanized coatings with other corrosion protection systems.
TEG 433X Internal Corrosion Monitoring in Oil and Gas Subsea Structures

Scope: Knowledge sharing and exchange in the area of internal corrosion monitoring in oil and gas subsea structures, including but not limited to pipelines, wells, and topsides.
TEG 435X Effects of Bioethanols on Fused Silica Containment Vessels in Immersion and Phase Change Exposures

Scope: To hold technical information exchanges (TIEs) on the effects of bioethanols, aromatic ethanols, and sulfurous emissions on fused silica containment vessels.
TEG 453X Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Scope: Initiate discussions and reviews of practices for corrosion management and other issues associated with CCS. To include capture process, transportation, and storage.
TEG 462X Corrosion Issues of Biofuels/Conventional Fuels

Scope: Discussions and informal presentations about corrosion and degradation arising during the storage and conveyance of liquid transportation, conventional fuels/biofuels.
TEG 463X Cathodic Protection Shielding and Root Causes of External Corrosion of Cathodically Protected Pipelines

Scope: Exchange of information on field experience, laboratory, and field observations to study the concept of CP shielding and shielding coatings and understand the key causes of pipeline external corrosion.
TEG 465X Nuclear Buried and Underground Piping

Scope: Liaison between the sponsoring committees and the specific task groups that will develop standards, training, inspection, and assessment of buried/underground piping in nuclear power plants while focusing on discussions for the application of cathodic protection and coating systems.
TEG 469X Surface Preparation Issues

Scope: To provide a forum to discuss various issues affecting surface preparation.
TEG 473X Power Generation and Delivery Education Roadmap

Scope: To identify and qualify industry needs for training and certification of engineering, maintenance and construction personnel in system design, mitigation of degradation mechanisms and remediation of preexisting component degradation.
TEG 474X Nanotechnology and Corrosion

Scope: Evaluating prevention of corrosion using nanotechnology and corrosion/degradation issues in nanomaterials.
TEG 500X Nonmetallic Materials for Onshore and Offshore Facilities

Scope: Discuss items related to composite materials and elastomers used in the oil and gas industry. To promote awareness of nonmetallic materials in facilities such as offshore and chemical onshore facilities that are not typically covered in other TEG discussions.
TEG 501X Accelerated Testing of Nonmetallic Materials

Scope: Exchange information on accelerated testing.
TEG 503X Practical Applications of Water Treatment in Industrial and Commercial Systems

Scope: To accumulate and disseminate information about water treatment applications in industrial and commercial systems. This provides a training role in corrosion, deposition, and microbiological control as well as monitoring in these areas.
TEG 509X Materials Selection and Corrosion Control in the Mineral Processing Industries

Scope: To conduct information exchanges on materials selection, corrosion, and corrosion control in the mineral processing and extractive metallurgical industries.
TEG 513X Technology Roadmap—Corrosion in Oil and Gas Production

Scope: Exchange information on current gaps and future needs in controlling corrosion in oil and gas production.
TEG 514X Oil and Gas Exploration Corrosion: Information Exchange

Scope: To discuss unique corrosion issues on materials typically used in technical equipment used for oil and gas exploration such as drilling tools and wire line tools.
TEG 515X Top-of-Line Corrosion

Scope: Exchange information and technology on top-of-line corrosion in oil and gas production. Sponsor symposia and other formal technical information exchange functions.
TEG 523X Marine Corrosion of Copper Alloys

Scope: To discuss and disseminate information on marine corrosion of copper and copper alloys.
TEG 524X Coating and Lining Technology for Oil and Gas

Scope: (1) Provide a forum to share current state of the art in industry and (2) explore current industry need/interest in industry standard(s).
TEG 525X Hydrotesting and Mothballing

Scope: To cover corrosion risks introduced during hydro testing and post-hydro testing mothballing to include chemical treatment, environment regulations, use of brackish or seawater, long-term effects, relevance of international standards to the Middle Eastern environment.
TEG 526X High Temperature, High Pressure, Corrosive, Service Enviornments pertaining to Oil and Gas and other Industrial Applications

Scope: Provide a forum for discussing the various technical details associated with testing requirements/conditions specified for coatings or other used in this environment. Attempt to identify the most critical parameters of the testing requirements and discuss the possibility of establishing a standardized/harmonized test program that could possibly be used to qualify things for multiple specifications.
TEG 528X Non-Metallic Materials Basic Education

Scope: Introductory workshop/seminar for new engineers wanting to better understand how non-metallic materials of construction are designed an where they are commonly used to control corrosion.
TEG 529X Asset Integrity Management

Scope: To discuss the various measures taken to effectively manage corporate assets and assess the reliability and performance of assets in different industrial environments.
TEG 531X The Role of Corrosion in Materials Stewardship and Sustainability

Scope: Sustainability has become a widespread driver of institutional management transformation and prioritization. Prioritization and optimization of corrosion management as a means for enhancing materials sustainability should be part of this transformation. An important framework that has been introduced by William McDonough and Ellen MacArthur foundation is the circular economy, and the related idea of cradle to cradle. Materials integrity and methods to assess materials integrity are crucial enablers of this new economic model.
TEG 532X Discussion on Ecological Risks of BioFouling

Scope: To identify gaps, suggest testing to fill the data gaps identified, and, evaluate the need for guidelines and/or standards.
TEG 558X Direct Assessment Methodology Application

Scope: To cover issues related to direct assessment experiences, issues and concerns for ECDA, ICDA and SCCDA.
TEG 560X Application and Inspection of Intumescent Fireproofing

Scope: To work on a Standard for Intumescent Fireproofing since there is a need for it in the industry.
TEG 566X Black Powder In Gas Pipelines

Scope: Exchange information and experiences and share best practices on properties, composition, sources, and formation mechanisms of black powder, mitigation and control methods (inhibition, internal coatings, filtration, etc.); and sampling and analysis techniques, handling , and disposal of black powder in gas pipelines.
TEG 569X Additive Manufacturing Corrosion Issues

Scope: Research and applications related to corrosion, microstructure, mechanical properties and material degradation mechanisms of Additive Manufactured Components.
TEG 573X Nonmetallics for Oil and Gas Applications

Scope: Facilitate information exchange on the use of nonmetallics in oil and gas applications covering construction of piping, pipelines, vessels and other equipment as well as repair applications for similar equipment
TEG 929X Concrete and Structural Steel in Mining

Scope: Review existing and newer technologies/products to advise fit-for-purpose corrosion management solutions, which can meet mining industry specific needs for structural steel and concrete structures design and maintenance.