NACE International and SSPC discussion update #3 - Membership Considerations Q&A - Part 1


This is the third of a series of messages to keep you informed throughout ongoing discussions between NACE and SSPC leadership regarding a possible combined association. 

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Ongoing Update Schedule
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At the heart of the entire NACE-SSPC effort to explore a possible combined organization is the desire to do what is the most beneficial for the members of both organizations. Working as a team, members of both organizations (listed below) have been focused on the mutual benefits NACE and SSPC members, and the industry at-large, would gain from such a combination.

No definitive decisions have been made at this point, but a primary consideration is what a new membership model of a combined organization would look like. There is consensus that membership would be value-based and provide tiered options with differing values and prices. 

The individual members of both NACE and SSPC would automatically enter at the highest value level for the remaining portion of their current membership term at no additional cost, and upon renewal, there would be the option of selecting the tier that best meets their needs.  Similarly, new members to the organization would have the ability to select a membership tier that meets their needs.

For corporate members there will also be a value-based approach with multiple tiers. Similar to what both organizations now offer, the higher the corporate membership, the more benefits and exposure a corporate member will receive. 

The membership component of this process is still being evaluated and there will be a second email on the topic in February. In the meantime, please submit your questions to

NACE and SSPC representatives working together throughout these discussions include:

Tim Bieri         
Vice President, NACE International
Corrosion Management Engineer, BP

Ross Boyd
Board Member - SSPC; Member, NACE International

Cris Conner    
Interim Chair, NACE International Standards Board; Member, SSPC
President, Utility Service & Maintenance, Inc.

Amir Eliezer
Director NACE International European Area
Director, Corrosion Research Center, Shamoon College of Engineering

Dave Evans
Member, NACE International and SSPC
Instructor, NACE International
Coatings Consultant, Evans Industrial Coating Consultants

Jim Feather    
Past President, NACE International

Terry Greenfield         
President, NACE International
Principal Consultant, CONSULEX

Drew Haiko
Trustee, NACE International Philadelphia Section
Discipline Lead - Corrosion Control, LTK Engineering Services

Garry Manous
Immediate Past President - SSPC
Vice President of Operations, Atsalis Brothers Painting

Doug Moore
Member, NACE International and SSPC
Director - Global Product Line, Carboline Company

W. Doni Riddle
Board Member - SSPC; Member, NACE International
Sr. Vice President of Sales, The Sherwin-Williams Company

Sam Scaturro
Vice President - SSPC
President, Alpine Painting & Sandblasting Contractors

Skip Vernon
Ex-Officio Board Member - SSPC; Member, NACE International
Owner, CLT, Inc

Joseph Walker
President - SSPC; Member, NACE International
Vice President, Elcometer, Inc.

Organization Leaders:
Bob Chalker   
CEO, NACE International

Bill Worms
Executive Director, SSPC

Ronald Jacobs
Partner, Venable LLP
Legal Counsel to NACE

Christie Tillapaugh
Director, Cohen & Grigsby, P.C
Legal Counsel to SSPC

Suzanna Kelley          
Principal, McKinley Advisors
Third Party Advisor to NACE and SSPC

Jamie MacRitchie      
Senior Project Associate, McKinley Advisors
Third Party Advisor to NACE and SSPC

Jay Younger               
President & CEO, McKinley Advisors
Third Party Advisor to NACE and SSPC

Following is a timeline of upcoming discussion-related milestones.

February 1-2 - SSPC Board of Governors Meeting

February 3, 4, 5 - SSPC hosts Town Hall meetings at Coatings+2020 in Long Beach

February 24 - NACE Board of Directors holds update meeting

March 14 - NACE Board of Directors Meeting

March 16, 17, 18, 19 - NACE hosts Town Hall meetings at CORROSION 2020 in Houston

If you have any questions please contact

Please check this page or your inbox next Friday, January 31 for Update #4 - Standards and Committees Considerations Q&A.