NACE International and SSPC discussion update #2 - Certification Considerations

This is the second of a series of messages to keep you informed throughout ongoing discussions between NACE and SSPC leadership regarding a possible combined association.

Ongoing Update Schedule
Update #1 - January 10 - Overview and Process of Discussions and Decision Making
Update #2 - January 17 - Certification Considerations Q&A
Update #3 - January 24 - Membership Considerations Q&A
Update #4 - January 31 - Standards and Committees Considerations Q&A
Update #5 - February 7 - SSPC Board Meeting and Annual Conference Update
Update #6 - February 14 - Next Steps in the Discussion Process
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Certification and Accreditation
Certification and accreditation are an important part of what NACE and SSPC provide to our members and the industry. Programs offered by both organizations perform a crucial service by providing an impartial method of evaluating the capabilities of individuals and companies involved in the coatings industry.

Both NACE and SSPC have robust, longstanding and internationally recognized certification and accreditation programs. We recognize the value that professionals and employers place on the credentials, and the pride displayed by the people and companies who earn them. The NACE-SSPC Task Group is focused on minimizing the disruption to the industry while maintaining overall program quality and continuity. To that end, the task group has agreed to the following:
  • All current certification and accreditation programs will continue to be recognized and supported throughout the combination process.
  • Where there are certification or accreditation programs that overlap, a member task force will be created to evaluate the programs and make recommendations to a program committee.
  • Existing certification holders will be allowed to recertify into the continuing program.
  • Financial burden or economic impact to certified and accredited parties should be minimized
The following programs have been identified as having overlap and will be reviewed by a member task force:
Coatings Inspector Certification Program
  • Protective Coatings Inspector (PCI) (SSPC)
  • Coating Inspector Program (CIP) (NACE Institute)
Coating Applicator Certification Program
  • Coating Application Specialist (CAS) (SSPC)
  • Certified Coating Applicator (CCA) (NACE Institute)
Contractor Accreditation Program
  • Qualification Procedure (QP/PCCP) (SSPC)
  • Contractor Accreditation Program (NIICAP) (NACE Institute)
Protective Coatings Specialist Certification[HS1]
  • Protective Coatings Specialist (SSPC)
  • Protective Coatings Specialist (NACE Institute)
Additional questions both organizations have received include: 

What will happen to my certification(s)?
The organizations are discussing the possibility of combining any overlapping certification programs, i.e. Protective Coatings Inspector (SSPC) and Coating Inspector Program (NACE Institute). Certified individuals will retain their certifications during the transition period, as long as the current renewal requirements are met; after the transition period, individuals will be allowed to recertify into the continuing certification. Both organizations agree there should be little to no cost impact to cardholders as a result of any program changes.

What will happen to SSPC programs like CAS, PCI and QP or NACE Institute programs like CCA, CIP and NIICAP? Will they eventually be combined with the overlapping products from the other organization?
Each organization’s position as an innovator and market-driver is what sets us apart from competitors, and it’s one of the things that has attracted attention and spurred these discussions. As part of our due diligence, we will examine the products of both organizations and where there is overlap, bring together the best of both overlapping certifications. It’s too early to know what the result will be, but we’ll work to make it as easy as possible for certification holders and accredited companies to transition to whatever new format we develop. We’re in this to do what’s best for the member and customer, so we’re aiming for a result that is better for them.

We will continue to pass along information to the membership of both NACE and SSPC, and we encourage you to read and share these messages with your colleagues. If you have feedback or questions, please email and make plans to participate in the upcoming Town Hall meetings at Coatings+2020 and CORROSION 2020.

Please check this page next Friday, January 24 for Update #3 - Membership Considerations Q&A.