Frequently Asked Questions

Contractor Accreditation Questions

What is happening to NACE and SSPC's contractor accreditation programs?

The "QP" brand will be retained by AMPP and the SSPC QP program will serve as the basis of the future "QP" program. Elements of NACE's NIICAP program will be integrated into QP and there will be a transition program for NIICAP contractors (timeframe is yet to be determined).

The "QP" brand will be marketed by AMPP; today it represents the best elements of the combined QP and NIICAP accreditation programs. From the beginning, one of the primary goals of the accreditation integration team, which was made up of contractors, owners, and staff, was to examine each element of both programs, select the ones that were best and incorporate them into what AMPP believes will be a world-class contractor program.

Certification Questions

If I am NACE or SSPC certified what will happen to my certification?

All current SSPC and NACE individual certifications will continue to be recognized and supported and will eventually merge into single programs.

NACE and SSPC had some similar certification programs. What will happen with those?

Certification programs that overlap will be consolidated. We will ensure that certification best practices are employed. A key focus of the integration strategy is to minimize the impact of program changes on certification holders.

What happens if I need to recertify my certification while the integration process continues into 2021?

Until the AMPP certification program is launched, the cardholder will recertify under their respective program. If a candidate holds similar SSPC and NACE credentials, e.g. CIP and PCI, they will only need to pay for one renewal.

Will I have to do anything if I have a NACE or SSPC certification when it’s time to recertify?

Existing certification holders will be provided with a path to recertify into the continuing program. The AMPP certification program office will provide detailed information to all impacted card holders once all final integration recommendations have been approved by the respective boards.

What if I hold a similar/overlapping NACE and SSPC certification?

Until the AMPP certification program is launched, a cardholder who holds two overlapping certifications will be required to renew both credentials however they will only need to pay one renewal fee.

What is the ethics program I’ve heard about?

Starting January 1, 2021 NACE existing and new card holders will be required to meet the new Ethics Requirement passed by the NACE Institute Certification Commission. A course is offered by NACE International that meets this requirement, but this can also be met by participating in an equivalent ethics course – for further information see:

Standards Questions

What will happen with NACE and SSPC Standards? Will they be rebranded as AMPP or will the NACE or SSPC standards still be accepted?

All existing standards that bear the NACE or SSPC name will continue to be used without change. Any new standards developed following the merger will bear the AMPP name.

Education Questions

What will happen to any similar courses offered by NACE and SSPC?

AMPP will consolidate programs where there is overlap and develop new courses and improve or modify existing courses.

Are current classes still happening? When will we see changes?

Current courses will continue until integration recommendations are finalized and the implementation process is completed. Work on education will continue into 2021 and changes may not occur until later in the year or even until 2022.

Why is the pricing for CIP different than PCI?

As the worldwide leader in Inspection training, AMPP is committed to continually reinvesting in the CIP program with new and updated content that focuses on sound inspection practices and cutting-edge technology to improve the experience of students along with the proficiency of instructors. The addition of more hands-on exercises and equipment, along with investment in facilities remains a priority for AMPP. The CIP classes are priced based on industry benchmarks and designed to provide students with marketable skills that can be utilized in their careers for years to come.

Membership Questions

If I have been a member of NACE or SSPC will I have access to the other organization’s benefits?

Yes. As of January 6, 2021, current, renewing and new members will have dual membership and access to both organization’s benefits and services while the merging process continues and until all components of each organization are completely merged into AMPP. All members of either organization will need to select “opt in” in their member profile to receive access to both organization’s members-only content and benefits.

Will there be any changes to membership dues or levels?

Yes. A new membership model has been designed. There are three tiered options for corporate members and two main options for general members as well as a lifetime option for members over the age of 65, a young professional membership option for members under the age of 35, and a student option. All have varying levels of benefits and pricing and more information will be made available prior to the new membership model’s implementation in the second half of 2021.

What is happening with NACE Sections and SSPC Chapters? Do they merge too?

For now, all chapter and section activities will continue to operate as usual and chapter and section members are encouraged to get to know each other if they’re located in the same area (meetings should be held virtually or in compliance with regional covid restrictions).

In the future, AMPP will offer geographically based communities as well as Communities of Interest which will allow members to engage globally with industry professionals who share interests.

Conferences and Events Questions

What will happen to NACE and SSPC events like the annual conference?

In 2021 the CORROSION 2021 Virtual Conference & Expo will take place April 19-30, 2021 and Coatings+ will take place December 13-16, 2021 in Phoenix, AZ. After that, the shows will be combined and a new annual conference for AMPP will be held March 6-10, 2022 in San Antonio, Texas

What will happen to NACE area and topical events and the DoD-Allied Nations Technical Corrosion Conference currently organized by SSPC?

AMPP conference staff will work with member leaders and subject matter experts to continue offering the DoD Conference as well as regional and topical conferences.

Publications Questions

What magazine will I get with my membership now that SSPC and NACE have merged to form AMPP?

SSPC Members have an opportunity to select from a variety of AMPP publications. Soon, SSPC members will be able to access CoatingsPro magazine and Materials Performance magazine directly from the "Members Only" page. We are in the process of developing the Publications page on the SSPC website, which will offer direct links to all AMPP publications and industry issues –

Other publications include:

  • Maritime News
  • WaterCorr
  • Infrastructure Insights
  • Inspect This
  • Stay Current
  • CORROSION Journal

See a full list of our publications

Governance Questions

What is the difference between the 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(6)?

In compliance with U.S. tax code requirements for nonprofit organizations with certification bodies, AMPP consists of two boards that oversee two branches of the organization:

  • AMPP, the 501(c)(6) branch oversees certification, accreditation, membership, and advocacy. The Chair is Tim Bieri, Vice Chair is Sam Scaturro. Executive Director is Helena Seelinger
  • AMPP Global Center, the 501(c)(3) branch oversees education, standards, technical, research, publications, conferences and events. The Chair is Joyce Wright, the Vice Chair is Cris Conner. Executive Director is Cindy O’Malley

Are the boards set up yet? When will they have their first meeting?

Yes. A new governance structure has been developed and board members have been appointed. Both boards held their first meeting at the end of January 2021.

Are the members of the boards from multiple countries?

Yes. The new governance structure ensures representation of the needs of full membership and the incoming boards reflect that with members hailing from nine of countries.

What will happen to the committees from NACE and SSPC? Will they continue as usual?

A new committee structure has been developed which is unlike NACE or SSPC’s previous structure. The committees from NACE and SSPC have been retired and AMPP’s new committee chairs have been appointed and all committees are in the process of being filled after an open call for committee volunteers. Committees will begin work in 2021.

Technical & Research Activities Questions

What is happening with the technical and research programs from NACE and SSPC?

Previous programs of NACE and SSPC have been dissolved and new programs and processes are being developed and will incorporate a balanced perspective from member originally from both organizations. The committee will be developing streamlined technical exchanges and workshops for members and stakeholders.

General Merger Questions

When did NACE and SSPC Merge?

NACE International—The Worldwide Corrosion Authority and SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings announced their merger January 6, 2021.

Who made decisions about how the two organizations would merge into one?

An Integration Steering Team was developed, and an Integration Transition Team was appointed by each board to facilitate the combination.

The Transition Team was appointed as the authority for decisions on recommendations and providing program directives.

What happened to the staff of each organization?

All staff was retained and gradually began transitioning into one team in mid-2020 and are now officially operating jointly.

Why did NACE and SSPC decide to merge?

NACE and SSPC had been working toward common goals of protecting people, assets, and the environment by advancing knowledge and elevating industry performance through training, certification, and education. Combining programs within AMPP brings both organizations closer to reaching their common goal; we will be stronger together and better able to serve all industry stakeholders

Why did NACE and SSPC choose to rebrand as AMPP?

After a great deal of deliberation by member leaders, both organizations supported the creation of a new name. Initially, members considered staying with one name or the other but recognized, in a merger of equals, this would be unfair to one member group or the other. It was also important to ensure the organization reflected the broader membership and future of the industry.

In the end, the decision was made to combine the NACE and SSPC brands under a newly named organization. The NACE and SSPC names and history will never fully disappear. Both will remain as "legacy" brands within AMPP in the form of standards, certification, and accreditation program names, conference papers, publications, and more, especially in the cases where documents are integrated into specifications and regulations. The merger is a culmination of the two organizations' combined 140+ year histories coming together. By blending NACE and SSPC into one organization, the members of both organizations have passed the torch to AMPP to carry the industry through its next era. AMPP will build on the foundation and progress that NACE and SSPC members created and fulfill both organizations' common goals of protecting people, assets, and the environment by advancing knowledge and elevating industry.