Officer Travel Request

Over the last several years the demand for NACE International’s officers to attend NACE sponsored and other industry events has increased significantly, creating an undue burden for a person who is serving in a volunteer role. To address this concern, we have benchmarked several other organizations on how they manage their officer’s commitments and most have a formal process for requesting attendance.

For all events scheduled after February 1, 2020, all requests for an officer to speak, or otherwise participate, will require an Officer Request Form to be completed and submitted as far in advance as possible. The earlier the request is submitted the better the chance that the request will be granted. The Executive Committee (NACE Officers) will review the completed form and determine if the event will be supported and who will attend. Once a decision is made the person submitting the request will be informed.

Requests sent directly to an Officer of the Association i.e. President, Vice President, etc. will not be accepted. The Officers will encourage the completion of the Officer Request Form by any entity and submitted in the proper manner. See the attached Form for details.

It is recognized that several invitations or requests for 2020 may have already been offered. If an event is occurring after February 1, 2020, the form must be submitted. Please do not rely on a conversation or email that you have previously sent.

Thank you, in advance, for your compliance with this new process. We welcome any feedback.

Terry Greenfield
NACE President 2019-2020

Officer Request Form