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Free Corrosion App Takes NACE Mobile


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Available for iPhone, iPad and Android

Whether in the office, on the road, or on a job site, take NACE International’s free Corrosion App with you. The new app is now available at the iTunes Store for iPhone and iPad, and at Google Play for Android OS 4.0 or higher.

Members, registered nonmembers, and the general public have access to the free NACE Corrosion App. The app’s features include calculators for cathodic protection and coatings professionals, a searchable directory of NACE International Institute Certification holders worldwide, access to the NACE Career Center where users can view listings of open positions, an event calendar, NACE publications, and a complete course schedule with a search function for finding classes offered globally.

NACE members have access to additional features, including their personal profiles, certification status, grade information, on-file applications, Materials Performance magazine, the NACE membership directory, and notification when it’s time to renew individual membership.

“Using feedback from corrosion industry professionals, we created an app which provides quick, easy access to NACE information and tools,” says Bob Chalker, NACE Executive Director.

The app’s nearly 60 calculators include a unit converter; anode resistance and galvanic anode calculators; coatings calculators including dew point, coatings coverage, and pressure drop in fluid hose; and electricity calculators including Ohm’s Law. The toolset also includes 10 coatings charts for quick reference.

“Corrosion professionals are constantly on the go,” says Chalker. “A field technician at a pipeline site can use the app to get a quick unit conversion.  An operator seeking training opportunities for personnel can search nearby course offerings. The app makes it easy to get information immediately wherever you are.”