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    the environment from the adverse effects of corrosion.

R.A. Brannon Award

Previous Recipients

  • 2018 - Ms. Aida Lopez-Garrity
    Aida Lopez-Garrity

    Ms. Lopez-Garrity has 36 years of experience in corrosion and materials engineering and the application of pipeline integrity measures to buried pipelines, compressor stations, and petrochemical plants. She has managed programs in all aspects of direct assessment, cathodic protection, corrosion monitoring, welding, protective coatings, inline inspection, nondestructive evaluation, and structure integrity including external, internal, and stress corrosion cracking (SCC) evaluations and repair strategies.

    During her 35 years as a member of NACE, she has served in various leadership capacities on an association level as a member of the Annual Conference Program Committee, Specific Technology Groups (STGs), and Task Groups (TGs). She also led the NACE TG that developed the first external corrosion direct assessment (ECDA) procedure, and NACE Confirmatory Direct Assessment Methodology, which serves as a guide to the pipeline industry.

    At the top of the list of her technical contributions is her involvement with the 2002 TG charged with development of an ECDA. The work of this TG resulted in the publishing of NACE RP0502. Now SP0502-2010, this standard practice, “Pipeline External Corrosion Direct Assessment Methodology,” has become a joint standard between ANSI and NACE and has been adopted by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials
    Safety Administration (PHMSA) as part of pipeline operator regulations.

    Ms. Lopez-Garrity is in the process of coauthoring two books. The books on ECDA and internal corrosion direct assessment (ICDA) will significantly add to the public information available to the corrosion community on these two important topics. In 2014, Ms. Lopez-Garrity was selected to be part of a small group that came together to launch the “Engaging Women in Leadership” forum for CORROSION 2016. This inaugural event launched in Vancouver with over 200 attendees who gathered to hear about ensuring the engagement of the entire talent pool of NACE membership, regardless of gender or nationality. The role of mentor is very important to her, to mentor women both within NACE and throughout the corrosion industry.

    Ms. Aida Lopez-Garrity is with Mears Group, Inc. and resides in Dublin, Ohio, USA.

  • 2017 - John H. Fitzgerald III, FNACE
    John Fitzgerald

    Mr. Fitzgerald has been an active and dedicated member of NACE International since 1961. His tireless efforts have resulted in satisfying the needs of Materials Performance readership, and have contributed significantly to reaching the objectives of the association.

    As technical editor of Materials Performance magazine (MP) from 2000 to 2015, he consistently improved the variety and quality of the technical articles and used his unparalleled familiarity with the corrosion control industry to select relevant articles on the hot button topics of the day. During his tenure, he also supported MP as the author of technical articles, viewpoint columns, and Phorgotten Phenomena. Mr. Fitzgerald was NACE president in 1990-91. He is also a member of the original class of NACE Fellows (2001) and has served as a resource and advisor to NACE as the creators of the honor intended.

    Mr. John Fitzgerald is retired from Corrpro and resides in Clinton Township, Michigan, USA.

  • 2016 - David Kroon
    David Kroon Mr. David Kroon has been an active and valuable member of NACE since 1972. Mr. Kroon has 44 years of experience in corrosion prevention, including materials performance, protective coatings, pipeline integrity, cathodic protection, and AC/DC interference mitigation. He has been actively engaged in solving corrosion problems and extending the life of infrastructure for the energy, water, and transportation industries for his entire career.

    Mr. Kroon has been chair of many corrosion-related technical practices committees of NACE and the American Water Works Association (AWWA) since 1972. He has participated in the Strategic Planning Committee, NACE-DOT Technical Resource Team (TRT) on Pipeline Rules, and he is currently on the Education Subcommittee on Cathodic Protection and Technical Advisory Committee for the NACE IMPACT study. He has also been chair and vice chair of various committees and task groups related to corrosion and cathodic protection of water tanks with the AWWA.

    Mr. Kroon has been project manager or principal engineer for many contract research programs for corrosion and corrosion control including those for the AWWA Research Foundation, Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association (DIPRA), American Concrete Pressure Pipe Association (ACPPA), the Gas Research and Gas Technology Institutes (GRI/GTI), PRCI International, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Department of Defense (DoD), and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). He was the coauthor of the original CP Technician, CP Technologist, and CP Specialist training courses, coauthor for the Pipeline Corrosion Integrity Management Course, chair of the task group and coauthor for the CP Design Course. He has served in and all Officer Positions, including chair, for the Chicago Section.
    Through the years, Mr. Kroon has also published many articles and papers that have benefited the corrosion industry.

    Mr. David H. Kroon, P.E. is with Aegion Corporation and Corrpro Companies Inc. in Houston, Texas, USA.
  • 2015 - Sergei Shipilov
    Sergei Shipilov Mr. Sergei Shipilov has been an active and valuable member of NACE International since 1997.

    Mr. Shipilov has made numerous significant contributions to the objectives of NACE International for his enthusiasm, commitment, and leadership in creating a joint ASM/NACE Teacher Materials Camp Program, which enhanced the reputation of NACE International in secondary and post-secondary applied science and engineering education.

    Mr. Shipilov founded an intersociety steering committee aimed at the organization of the first ASM/NACE Materials Camp for Teachers in Calgary in 2006. Nine very successful ASM/NACE camps in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, and three camps in Ottawa, Ontario, followed between 2007 and 2012. As a result of his initiative, more than 150 school teachers participated in five- day-long camps in Calgary and Ottawa, and many more teachers attended annual one-day camps in Edmonton.

    In 2004, Mr. Shipilov inaugurated the Canadian Corrosion Education Council, which he chaired until 2010. Consistent with his vision of making corrosion engineering a specific area of study and specialization identified by a distinct cluster of courses within undergraduate and graduate engineering programs, the council comprises 13 members of faculty from 11 universities in Canada who have made contributions to corrosion education and research in Canada and internationally. The council’s mandate is to focus the attention of educators and experts on the lack of appropriate channels to provide education in corrosion.

    The quality of Mr. Shipilov’s own research has been recognized by his peers in a number of ways. He is a Fellow of NACE International (2011) and the recipient of the 2010 NACE Technical Achievement Award and the 2007 NACE Distinguished Service Award.

    Through the years Mr. Shipilov’s involvement with NACE has culminated in the betterment of corrosion education, and his acknowledgment as the 2015 Brannon Award recipient further maintains the high standards associated with the award’s prestigious history.

    Mr. Sergei Shipilov is with Metallurgical Consulting Services Ltd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
  • 2014 - Jeffery L. Didas
    Jeff Didas

    Jeffrey Didas has been an active and valuable member of NACE International since 1975. Over the years Mr. Didas has made numerous significant contributions to the objectives of NACE International while serving as NACE Treasurer on the Executive Committee, as Chair of the Member Activities Committee, and on several Committees of the Board, Administrative Committees, and Technical Committees, in addition to positions at the Area and Section levels. 

    Mr. Didas’s accomplishments with the Association are numerous, and have had a positive impact on Association membership. While working with the Member Activities Committee as Chair, Mr. Didas spearheaded the individual member benefits expansions that increased NACE membership and improved member retention. Mr. Didas was also a contributor and worked with staff to implement the new corporate membership program that is currently in place at NACE. 

    As Treasurer of the NACE Foundation, he and Foundation staff reorganized and revitalized the workforce development program, which has become a very successful program that provides corrosion training and employment opportunities for veterans. Mr. Didas remains on the Foundation Board and mentors individual veterans involved in the program. 

    Mr. Didas has excelled in providing technical leadership on various TCC committees both in developing standards and being a constant contributor to technical exchange groups as a speaker and an organizer. 

    Through the years, Mr. Didas’s involvement with NACE has culminated in the betterment of the Association, and his acknowledgment as the 2014 Brannon Award Recipient further maintains the high standards associated with the award’s prestigious history.

    Jeffery L. Didas is with MATCOR, Chalfont, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

  • 2013 - Clay Brelsford
    Clay BrelsfordClay Brelsford has been an active and valuable member of NACE since 1980. As a member
    of NACE, Mr. Brelsford has held various leadership positions at the section level and the
    board level including East Texas Section trustee (1984-1990), chairman of the South Central
    Region (1991-1992), NACE Board of Directors (1996-1999), NACE instructor since 2003, NACE
    Foundation Board of Directors (2006-present), and a myriad of other positions in different
    committees through his years with the association.
    When NACE worked to restructure the region boundaries to our current membership areas representing NACE’s international growth, Mr. Brelsford was instrumental in the process. Mr. Brelsford, as a board director, acknowledged the issues facing the organization and developed coordination between all members with strong regional alliances to bring about effective organizational change. His leadership style of maintaining a fair, objective, and professional attitude in this potentially difficult
    reorganization was instrumental in the effort to help shape the face of NACE as we know it today.
    Through the years Mr. Brelsford’s involvement with NACE has culminated in the betterment of the association, and his acknowledgment as the 2013 Brannon Award recipient further maintains the high standards associated with the award’s prestigious history.

    Clay Brelsford is with Bass Engineering Co., Longview, Texas, U.S.A.
  • 2012 - Hartley Duncan

    The R.A. Brannon Award is the signature award of the Association. It recognizes a current member of NACE International whose outstanding service has contributed to the development and improvement of the Association that resulted in promotion of the objectives of NACE. To be outstanding, contributions to NACE are evaluated on the basis of results achieved rather than effort expended.

    The 2012 R.A. Brannon Award recipient is Hartley Duncan. Hartley Duncan has been an active and valuable member of NACE International for more than 35 years.

    Mr. Duncan is a member of several technical committees in the field of coatings and linings. He has served in all section-level officer positions and has previously chaired two highly successful regional conferences.

    His commitment is also evident through his time served on the Board of Directors and multiple NACE committees during his membership.

    Mr. Duncan's participation on several committees has cultivated new ideas and support for many NACE initiatives. While serving as Expositions Chairman, the NACE-sponsored lunch at the exhibit hall at annual conference came to fruition. Mr. Duncan was also an active supporter of the NACE Training Center, which is a noticeable accomplishment for NACE to date. Mr. Duncan's involvement also assisted NACE with its international expansion and opening of a Branch office in Kuala Lumpur. Through the year's Mr. Duncan's involvement with NACE has culminated in the betterment of the Association, and his acknowledgment as the 2012 Brannon Award further maintains the high standards associated with the award's prestigious history.

    Hartley Duncan is with Specialty Application Services, Port Allen, Louisiana, U.S.A.

  • 2011 - Norman J. Moriber
    Norman J. Moriber

    The 2011 Brannon Award recipient is Norman J. Moriber.

    Norman Moriber has spent over 30 years in service to NACE International as a dedicated member and volunteer whom at all levels of NACE International has demonstrated his leadership and his ability to advance the objectives of NACE. He has used his experience to help make NACE the leader in the corrosion control world.

    As the NACE Western Region Chair, Mr. Moriber established the Region’s Outstanding Company Award to recognize exceptional support to NACE. Mr. Moriber continued through the ranks as the Western Region Director where he was an integral member in developing a program to reinvigorate Western Region member participation at the NACE Administrative Committee level.

    While serving as the NACE Public Affairs Chair, Mr. Moriber established the Front Page Issues forum at Annual Conference and proceeded to organize the program for three years. He is also credited with development for a corporate outreach program to engage managers and officers of companies to encourage their support of NACE and explain the benefits of NACE participation for their employees. Efforts by Mr. Moriber to assist with Legislative Days have since expanded to visits to Congress and ultimately led to the present-day Congressional Relations Committee with his involvement.

    As a member of the Materials Performance Editorial Advisory Board, Mr. Moriber authored a monthly humor column and a monthly Corrosion Basics column as a means of making Materials Performance more accessible to new members and non-members to attract and retain members.

    NACE proudly recognizes Norman J. Moriber as the 2011 recipient of the Brannonl Award.

    Norman Moriber is with Mears Group, Inc., San Ramon, California, U.S.A.

  • 2010 - James F. Chmilar
    James F. Chmilar

    The 2010 Brannon Award recipient is James F. Chmilar.
    Jim Chmilar’s experience and accomplishments have benefited NACE International in large measure through his ongoing leadership and influence in the Association’s Technical Activities. As both model and mentor, Chmilar has effectively transferred his experience and passion into a standard for leadership that has improved the functioning of NACE technical committees, elevated the quality of NACE standards, and has led the Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) into a new era of continuous improvement. Together, these accomplishments have helped NACE become the recognized leader in corrosion technology. Chmilar has also influenced the operations of all association-level committees through his chairmanship of the Policy Committee.

    An active NACE member for the past 32 years, Chmilar assumed his first association level position as vice chair (and then chair) of the Technical Practices Committee (TPC) in 1991. That began a string of 18 years of uninterrupted leadership and service to NACE International at the board and association levels, including terms on the MP Editorial Advisory Board, PDAC Quality Control Subcommittee chair, NACE Board of Directors, Technical and Research Activities (TRAC) chair, and the NACE Policy Committee, where he just completed his third consecutive term as chair.

    Even when not in an official leadership position, Chmilar is a leader by example and a mentor of the highest degree. Through his vision, a Technical Committee Mentor program was implemented to transfer the experience and skills of other tenured NACE members to the leaders of the future.

    NACE proudly recognizes Jim Chmilar as the 2010 recipient of the Brannon Award.

    James F. Chmilar is with Chmilar & Associates Consulting, Ltd., Cochrane, Alberta, Canada.

  • 2009 - Candy Balerio
    Candy Balerio

    The R.A. Brannon Award recognizes a current NACE International member whose outstanding service has contributed to the development and improvement of NACE at the association, committee, or board level. 
    The 2009 Brannon Award recipient is Candy Balerio for consistent and enthusiastic promotion of NACE and the benefits of membership for over 20 years through public endorsements and by initiating the NACE wearables program.

    A member of NACE since 1987, Balerio has held every position in the Rocky Mountain Section, including career development and scholarship chair, where she currently serves as section trustee.

    She has also held every office in the Central Area, served as a member of the NACE Board of Directors, served on the Certification Committee, Member Activities Committee, NACE Nominating Committee, and the Distinguished Organization Award Subcommittee, and served on many special committees such as the Rocky Mountain Short Course Committee. This course has been held for over 20 years and Balerio has been an integral part of its success, while serving as the unofficial ambassador for NACE.

    Balerio also attends the annual Wyoming Underground Corrosion Correlating Conference every year, representing NACE in the State of Wyoming. During these meetings she routinely fields questions about NACE membership, certification, publications, and committees, and invites nonmembers to join by describing benefits of association involvement.

    Balerio is a strong member advocate, and seldom misses an opportunity to promote the benefits of membership in NACE. In her desire to promote NACE, she conceived, implemented, and promoted the NACE brand by offering shirts, jackets, and other items displaying the NACE logo while serving as a member of the NACE Member Activities Committee. This has become a popular and profitable program for the association, and helps share the NACE brand and mission with the public.

    Balerio was awarded the South Central Area Eben Junkin Award in 1997, received accolades by the Rocky Mountain Section for ”Hard Work and Dedication” in 1998, received the Intermountain Section Loyal Support Award in 2000, and the NACE Distinguished Service Award in 2002.

    Balerio is currently the district manager for Farwest Corrosion Control in Denver, Colorado, where she has been employed for 19 years.

  • 2008 - Robert Tuttle
  • 2007 - Terry May
  • 2006 - R. Horvath
  • 2005 - L.D. Vincent
  • 2004 - R. Gummow
  • 2003 - J.L. Magnon
  • 2002 - R.S. Charlton
  • 2001 - B.J. Lewis
  • 2000 - G.F. Hays
  • 1999 - C.G. Arnold
  • 1998 - J.D Trim
  • 1997 - H.H. Lawson
  • 1996 - A.F. Brunn
  • 1995 - T.M. Kazmierczak
  • 1994 - L.D. Perrigo
  • 1993 - S.L. Irwin
  • 1992 - J. Kolts
  • 1991 - R.N. Parkins
  • 1990 - J.Q. Lackey
  • 1989 - G. Elder
  • 1988 - H.E. Rossy
  • 1987 - D.D. Downing
  • 1986 - F.E. Rizzo
  • 1985 - R.I. Lindberg
  • 1984 - H.R. Hanson
  • 1983 - J. F. Williams
  • 1982 - H.G. Byars
  • 1981 - T.F. Degnan
  • 1980 - H. Vandroffelaar
  • 1979 - W.J. Neill, Jr.
  • 1978 - D.D. Byerley
  • 1977 - F.W. Hewes
  • 1976 - L.C. Rowe
  • 1975 - J.P. Barrett
  • 1974 - I.M. Parker
  • 1973 - R.A. Brannon