• NACE equips society to protect people, assets and
    the environment from the adverse effects of corrosion.
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Corrosion control is an important practice of the following industries:

Cathodic Protection Program Cathodic Protection divider

Addressing corrosion of metallic structures in contact with environments that conduct electricity.

Introduction to Coating Program Chemical Inhibitors divider

Reducing the corrosion rate of metals exposed to the environment.

Protective Coatings Protective Coatings   divider

Corrosion prevention and control through organic and metallic protective coatings.

department of defense Department of Defense divider

Corrosion prevention, maintenance and readiness of national defense assets.

Highways and Bridges Highways & Bridges   divider

Addressing corrosion of roadway materials worldwide.

maritime2 Maritime divider

Corrosion prevention and control for ships, structures and equipment exposed to marine environments.

Materials2 Materials Selection & Design divider

Effective corrosion control by selecting proper materials and system design.

Oil-Gas Oil and Gas Production divider

Corrosion prevention and control for carriers, equipment and systems used in oil and gas production.

Pipelines and Underground Systems Pipelines & Underground Systems divider

Addressing external and internal corrosion management for pipeline systems, storage tanks and underground or submerged systems.

Energy Generation Energy Generation divider

Addressing corrosion maintenance as well as restrictive plant and industry regulations relating to energy generation, transmission and distribution.

Water and Wastewater Water & Wastewater divider

Internal corrosion integrity and maintenance of water and wastewater equipment and transmission.