NACE International Education - Student Grades by Class

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To access your grades online, you must have the following information:

  • The course number for the class
  • Your student ID number
  • The 4-digit password (chosen on your ScanTron form)
Important Notice:
A system error has caused a delay in the delivery of certification cards for all courses recently completed through NACE. If you or your employer needs to verify your certification please contact FirstService at or by calling +1 281-228-6223. Your grades are available on this page. We are working diligently to correct this problem and apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.
Grade Access in 4 Easy Steps
Step 1: Course Number Click on the arrow inside the box. Search by course number or scroll in the drop-down menu to locate your course number (e.g. 42408077) and click on it.
Step 2: Student ID Click in the box and enter your student ID number (for example, a NACE ID such as "234567" or a temporary ID assigned such as "4240807701").
Step 3: Password Click in the box and enter the 4-digit password that you filled in on your test form (this should be the last four digits of your telephone number).
Step 4: Search Click on the "Search" button.