NACE International Education - Student Grades by Class
To access your grades online you must either:
Login to your NACE profile
Logging into your NACE profile will provide you with access to grades for all your courses and much more.

Note: For students who have taken the CIP Level 1 or CIP Level 2 practical exam only during a class held after July 1, 2016, you will only be able to access your scores using this method.

Access grades with your student ID and password
Step 1: Course Number
Step 2: NACE Member or
Student ID Number
Step 3: Password
Step 4: Search

  • Click on the arrow inside the box. Search by course number or scroll in the drop-down menu to locate your course number (e.g. 42408077) and click on it
  • Click in the box and enter your student ID number (for example, a NACE ID such as "234567" or a temporary ID assigned such as "4240807701").
  • Click in the box and enter the 4-digit password that you filled in on your test form (this should be the last four digits of your telephone number).
  • Click on the "Search" button.