Course - CP3 - Cathodic Protection Technologist

The CP 3—Cathodic Protection Technologist Course builds on the technology presented in the CP 2 - Cathodic Protection Technician course.

Skill Assessment:
The exams will include various levels of assessment of the following skill and knowledge factors:

  • Understand activation, concentration and resistance polarization and the mathematical expressions of these concepts
  • Factors that affect polarization (area, temperature, relative movement, ion concentration, oxygen concentration)
  • Understand the concept of current distribution and be able to determine ideal current distribution for a CP system taking into account the factors affecting current distribution (anode-to-cathode separation distance, electrolyte and structure resistivity variation, current attenuation)
  • Perform advanced cathodic protection testing using correct measurement techniques to monitor CP system performance and accurately interpret the data collected to ensure optimum CP system performance
  • Identify errors in data collection/CP measurements including contact resistance errors, voltage drop errors and, reference electrode errors
  • Conduct and document interference tests where stray currents are suspected to determine if interference exists and identify the source of the interference
  • Upon determination of interference, identify and implement a method of control that will mitigate the effects of the stray current
  • Design and install simplistic forms of galvanic and impressed current cathodic protection facilities and perform the necessary mathematical calculations

    NACE is recognized as an Authorized Provider of Continuing Education Units by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). In order for a learner to “Successfully Complete” a NACE course and thereby receive a Certificate of Completion and CEUs, the following criteria must be met:

        •Attend the entire course
        •Successfully pass each learning assessment for the course with a score of 70% or higher

    Learning assessments may include: a cumulative average quiz score, a practical exam, and/or a written exam.
    For learners who do not meet the two criteria above, a retake of the course and the related learning assessments will be required, in order to receive a Certificate of Completion with CEUs and “Successfully Complete” the NACE course.

    Disclaimer: This Certificate of Completion denotes successful completion of the NACE course, and should not be interpreted as the award of a NACE Institute Certification.

    At the conclusion of the course you will be asked to complete a course evaluation.

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    Persons who have extensive CP field experience and a strong technical background in cathodic protection.

    • Strong algebra background
    • Basic understanding of trigonometry and geometry (recommended)

    • Theoretical concepts and practical application of cathodic protection with a strong focus on interpretation of CP data
    • CP troubleshooting and mitigation of problems that might arise in both galvanic and impressed current systems.

    • CP3 - CP Technologist Student Manual
    • CP3 - CP Technologist Student Manual on CD
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