Course - Offshore Corrosion Assessment Training (O-CAT)

The Offshore Corrosion Assessment Training course is a five-day intensive program addressing the elements of in-service inspection and maintenance planning for fixed offshore structures. The course also addresses the Minerals Management Services (MMS) A-B-C facility evaluation grading system requirements for Level I inspection reporting. NACE is recognized as an Authorized Provider of Continuing Education Units by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). In order for a learner to “Successfully Complete” a NACE course and thereby receive a Certificate of Completion and CEUs, the following criteria must be met:
•Attend the entire course
•Successfully pass each learning assessment for the course with a score of 70% or higher
Learning assessments may include: a cumulative average quiz score, a practical exam, and/or a written exam.
For learners who do not meet the two criteria above, a retake of the course and the related learning assessments will be required, in order to receive a Certificate of Completion with CEUs and “Successfully Complete” the NACE course.
Disclaimer: This Certificate of Completion denotes successful completion of the NACE course, and should not be interpreted as the award of a NACE Institute Certification.

At the conclusion of the course you will be asked to complete a course evaluation.

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The course will be valuable to anyone involved in the corrosion control facet of integrity management of fixed offshore structures. The curriculum will benefit personnel with management and planning responsibilities to the field inspectors conducting in-service inspections of the facility. The program would also be practical for offshore platform operations personnel to better understand corrosion prevention systems utilized for offshore structures and their successful implementation.
It is recommended that attendees possess a High School diploma (or GED) and have a minimum of three months experience in the evaluation of corrosion or coatings breakdown on marine vessels.

(include but are not limited to)

  • Corrosion & Corrosion Control
  • Protective Coatings Systems
  • Splash-Zone Systems
  • Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Corrosion Prevention Maintenance Programs
  • Facility Breakdown
  • Condition Grading Systems
  • Data Collection & Management Systems
  • Assessment Standards
  • Safety
  • In-Service Evaluation Equipment
  • Inspection Planning
  • MMS Level 1 Inspections (ABC Grading)
  • Data Utilization and Maintenance Planning
  • OCAT Offshore Platform Photo Assessment Guide
  • OCAT manual for course kit use
Schedule Summary
 Start TimeEnd Time
Day 18:00 AM5:00 PM
Day 28:00 AM5:00 PM
Day 38:00 AM5:00 PM
Day 48:00 AM5:00 PM
Day 58:00 AM5:00 PM