How to Submit an Article

Submit your CORROSION article online via ScholarOne Manuscripts.™

Attention Authors - New Starting January 2015
• No Manuscript Page Charges
• Flat Fee for Color in Print ($1,500 USD)
• Flat Fee for Open Access ($1,500 USD)

Copy and General Format Requirements

  • The NACE Publications Style Manual provides formatting, acceptance criteria, forms of articles, author responsibilities, peer-review cycle information, general style requirements, graphic requirements, and reference style.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Articles should have significant permanent value and should accomplish at least one of the following objectives:
    • Contribute to the awareness of corrosion phenomena
    • Advance understanding of fundamental processes
    • Further knowledge of techniques and practices used to reduce corrosion.

Acceptable Forms of Articles

  • Research papers
  • Review papers
  • Technical notes
  • Discussions
  • Special papers
  • Special sections

Manuscript Format

  • Each article should contain the following components:
    • Title, author name(s), affliations
    • Abstract
    • Key words
    • Experimental Procedures
    • Results
    • Discussion
    • Summary/Conclusions

Publication Procedures

  • Author Responsibilities
    • Charges, payments, gratis copies – There is a charge of $50 per printed page to authors, to a maximum of $500. In general, two and one-half typed, double-spaced pages is the equivalent of one printed page, and six 1-column figures equal one printed page. If authors elect to use color figures or artwork, there will be an additional charge to cover the added cost of color publication. This fee typically is between $750 and $1250. No fees are due until after a manuscript has been accepted for publication. For more information or to request a waiver of page charges, contact the CORROSION Editor in Chief.
    • Unless otherwise specified in the submission, all correspondence regarding the manuscript will be directed to the primary author (designated by and corresponding with the technical editor).
    • Copyright – NACE requires the author of a submitted paper to notify the Association with a letter of submission if all or any portion of an article has been published previously. Full references and complete documentation of permission to use previously published material must be submitted with the manuscript. Authors will be required to transfer copyright of the complete manuscript to NACE, using the NACE Transfer of Copyright form.

Review and Approval

  • Technical Review
    • The paper is submitted to the technical editor to anonymous peer reviewers, who will assist in determining whether the paper should be accepted for publication.
  • Notification of Publication Approval
    • After receiving the technical reviewers’ anonymous comments, the technical editor will notify the primary author by e-mail of approval or rejection, or if additional work needs to be done before the paper may be considered for publication. The editor will forward the approved paper with any original graphics to NACE Headquarters for publication. At that time, Headquarters will notify the corresponding author by e-mail about tentative publication dates.
  • Headquarters Editing
    • The paper will be edited by the staff editor for grammar, language, and NACE style, including conciseness, readability, directness, etc. A proof copy of the typeset paper will be sent to the primary author for approval and/or corrections. The proofs are sent to authors approximately three to six months after the paper has arrived at Headquarters. Author response to proofs is limited only to typographical and minor technical errors.
  • Publication
    • After the author returns the proofs, any necessary corrections will be made. The paper is published usually within one month after the author has returned the proofs.

Additional Information