Courses by Program

NACE offers a variety of learning opportunities that can lead to career advancement through enhancing your skills and knowledge related to on-the-job performance. We deliver an extensive catalog of classes through individual training programs devoted to key industry-specific subjects.

Coating Inspector Program Coating Inspector Program divider

The world's most recognized and specified coating inspector program. The CIP program trains coating professionals to properly inspect the surface preparation and application of a protective coating system on a variety of structures in any industry.

Cathodic Protection Program Cathodic Protection Program   divider

Suite of courses designed to build an in-depth understanding of cathodic protection that is critical to extending the operating life and integrity of your pipeline.

General Corrosion Program General Corrosion Program   divider

Gateway courses for individuals new to the corrosion industry and skill enhancement opportunities for experienced professionals.

General Coatings Program General Coatings Program divider

Courses that provide the means of technical proficiency for the coatings industry through training courses specifically developed for coatings and linings application.

General Coatings Program Pipeline Industry Program   divider

Courses designed to address internal corrosion within pipeline systems and pipeline corrosion integrity management (PCIM).

Specialty Programs Specialty Programs divider

Advanced training geared towards experienced corrosion control personnel, with broad and extensive expertise, in both the theory and practice of multiple areas of corrosion and corrosion control, and capable of performing work at an advanced level.

Water and Wastewater Program Water & Wastewater Program divider

Introduces the fundamentals of corrosion in the water and wastewater industry. Key areas of coverage include current design, construction, operation and maintenance practices for key water and wastewater infrastructure components.

Introduction to Coating Program Introduction to Coating Program divider

The new Introduction to Coating Inspection Online Training from offers industry professionals the opportunity to learn the principles and purpose of coating inspection.