Newly Formed Committees

Committee Name
TG 499 Corrosion Management Guide for Nuclear Plants
TEG 500X Elastomers and Composites
TEG 501X Accelerated Testing of Nonmetallic Materials
TG 502 3D Laser and Structured Light
TEG 503X Practical Applications of Water Treatment in Industrial and Commercial Systems
TG 504 Inspection Methods for Corrosion Evaluation of Prestressed Concrete Structures
TG 505 Review and Revise as Necessary NACE SP0492-2006
TG 506 Review and Revise or Reaffirm as Necessary NACE SP0181-2006
TG 507 Review and Revise as Necessary SP0188-2006
TG 508 Review and Revise as Necessary SP0490-2007
TEG 509X Materials Selection and Corrosion Control in the Mineral Processing Industries
TG 510 Joint API/NACE Advisory Committee—API 751 Safe Operation of HF Alkylation Units—Corrosion and Materials Sections
TG 511 Corrosion Under Paint (CUP) Test Standards for Equipment Used in the Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) of CUP on Military Aircraft
TG 512 Downhole Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor Application via Capillary Tubing
TEG 514X Oil and Gas Exploration Corrosion: Information Exchange
TEG 513X Technology Roadmap—Corrosion in Oil and Gas Production
TEG 515X Top-of-Line Corrosion
TG 516 Standard Practice for Evaluating Protective Coatings for Use Under Insulation
TG 517 Corrosion Control of Reinforced Concrete Piles in Nonmarine Applications
TG 518 Soluble Salt Testing Frequency and Locations on Previously Coated Surfaces
TG 519 State-of-the-Art Report on Manufacturing of Aluminum Anodes
TG 520 Pipeline Coating Peel Strength Test
TG 521 Testing of Nonshielding Property of Pipeline Coatings to Cathodic Protection
TG 522 Technical Guidance for Using In-Line Inspection Devices in the Direct Assessment Phase of External Corrosion Direct Assessment