• NACE equips society to protect people,
    assets and the environment from the adverse
    effects of corrosion.

NACE International Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is an ongoing process designed to provide a roadmap for taking us from a well-defined Present State to a compelling and significantly different Future State. The narrative on the pages that follow describes our roadmap for the next 3 years. All our strategic initiatives are framed by our Core Ideology.

Our Core Ideology defines who we are. It includes a statement of Core Purpose, which establishes why we exist as an Association. It includes our Cultural Beliefs and Core Values, which establish how we behave. And it includes our Mission, which outlines what it is we do. Taken collectively, our Core Purpose, Cultural Beliefs, Core Values, and Mission reflect the ideology that makes NACE International a premiere professional association.

Our Core Purpose

NACE is the preeminent community for disseminating knowledge, enhancing skills and expanding the professional networks of corrosion control and asset protection professionals worldwide.

Our Cultural Beliefs

NACE has dedicated members and staff at all levels with great expertise and technical skills, working collaboratively to maintain and grow a community of professionals who:

  • • Engage and collaborate in a participatory environment to provide direction and strategy for the Association,
  • • Provide the expertise and required knowledge, skills and abilities to provide world-class programs and services, and
  • • Demonstrate commitment and compassion to keep NACE operating in accordance with our Core Values.

Our Core Values

Dedication - passion to the cause, driven by our Core Purpose

Vision - thinking and planning for the future with imagination and wisdom

Collaboration - working well with others, inside and outside the Association

Professionalism - competent and expertise-driven; engaging the people who have the required knowledge, skills and abilities to accomplish the goal at hand.

Our Mission

NACE equips society to protect people, assets and the environment from the adverse effects of corrosion..

Our Vision

NACE International is a diverse, global community of professionals who are passionately committed to providing society with comprehensive solutions to protect our assets today and in the future, rewarding all involved with fulfilling life-long careers.

Our Overarching Goals for 2019

Overarching goals create a verbal picture of what our Association will look like in 3 years. Achievement of these goals helps move us toward and embody the spirit of our shared Vision.

NACE International:

1. Capitalizes on the IMPACT Study and other institutional knowledge to:

  • • Frame regulatory policy and business practices; and
  • • Develop programs focusing on corrosion management.

  • 2. Creates value for our customers and members by engaging them in:

  • • Development and delivery of locally relevant programs, products and services;
  • • Volunteer opportunities and experiences that are meaningful to the member, resulting in increased member participation and customer satisfaction.

  • 3. Establishes and maintains a systematic process to ensure all products and services are:

  • • Developed rapidly;
  • • Targeted to create diversified revenue streams;
  • • Market value priced;
  • • Locally relevant;
  • • Multi-purpose; and
  • • Consistent in content and message.

  • Strategic Plan Update:

    Strategic Planning at NACE International

    Posted March 2017

    Planning1NACE has used long-term planning processes for many years to help establish a course of direction for the Association. We have implemented these plans with varying degrees of success. And we have learned that strategic planning comes in many flavors. Over the past several years the Board has worked to refine and adopt a singular process tailored to meet our needs. The process is designed to help us create a clear understanding of where we want to go (our Destination), and to develop a stepwise plan for how we get from where we are today, to where we want to be.

    Strategic Planning at NACE International: Second in the Series

    Posted April 2017

    TargetAs described in last month’s introduction to strategic planning, one of the first steps in establishing a well-defined picture of any organization’s Present State involves exploration of its core ideology.