• NACE equips society to protect people,
    assets and the environment from the adverse
    effects of corrosion.

Board Bios


  • Sandy Williamson 2015
    A. I. Sandy Williamson

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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  • Samir Degan
    Samir Degan

    Osnar Paints & Contracts

    Mumbai, India

    Vice President

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  • Terry Greenfield 2015
    D. Terry Greenfield

    Corrometrics Services Inc.

    Mobile, Alabama


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  • Jim Feather 2015
    Jim Feather

    Retired - ExxonMobil Research

    Fairfax, Virginia

    Past President

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  • Bob Chalker
    Bob Chalker

    NACE International

    Chief Executive Officer

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Area Directors

  • Eric Langelund
    Eric Langelund

    Piping & Corrosion Specialties, Inc.

    Millersville, MD

    Central Area

    2016 - 2019

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  • Mohammed Alsubaie
    Mohammed Al-Subaie

    Saudi Aramco

    Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

    West Asia and Africa Area

    2016 - 2019

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  • Andrew Haiko
    Andrew Haiko

    LTK Engineering Services

    Ambler, PA

    Eastern Area

    2016 - 2019

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  • Jorge Canto
    Jorge Canto

    Corrosion y Proteccion

    Hidalgo, Mexico

    Latin American Area

    2016 - 2019

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  • MLau
    Michelle Lau

    Mach3 Engineering

    Selangor, Malaysia

    East Asia and Pacific Area


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  • Debra Boisvert 2015
    Debra Boisvert

    Target Products Ltd.

    Burnaby, British Columbia

    Northern Area


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  • Darby Howard 2015
    J. Darby Howard

    JDH Corrosion Consultants Inc.

    Concord, California

    Western Area


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  • Thomas Ladwein 2015
    Thomas Ladwein

    University of Aalen

    Augsberg, Germany

    European Area


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Activity Directors

  • Cris Conner
    Cris Conner

    Utility Service & Maintenance, Inc.

    St. Louis, Missouri

    Technical & Research Activities

    2015 - 2019

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  • BCookingham
    Bruce Cookingham

    DNVGL Houston, TX

    Houston, TX

    Education Activities Director


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  • PHarkins
    Peter Harkins

    Tinker & Rasor

    San Bernardino, CA

    Conference and Expositions Activities Director


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  • Richard Eckert 2015
    Richard Eckert


    Dublin, Ohio

    Publications Activities


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Ex Officio Directors

  • Keith Perkins
    Keith Perkins

    President, NACE Foundation

    Williams Companies

    Houston, Texas

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  • Chris Fowler 2015
    Chris M. Fowler

    President, NACE International Institute


    West Midlands, United Kingdom

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